Saturday, May 4, 2013

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Backside Disaster's second demo recording from November of 1997.  Forgive is the only track that was re-recorded from the first, unreleased demo a few months prior.  The new songs contained on this demo were much heavier and guitar harmonies were becoming much more prevalent.  

I'm not sure how many cassettes were made in total, but only the first 25 or 30 came with the handmade lyric booklet, which I fully scanned and included in the download.  This conversion also comes directly from the master DAT, and I gave it a slight remaster.

Backside Disaster - The Coming Of Iad Urorobos
[Demo 1997]

Although I can't remember for sure, I believe these tapes were first made available at the Final Destination fest at Stage 4, which they were added to after the flyer below had already made the rounds.