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Battery had been around for 8 years or so before they signed with Revelation Records to release what would be their final album, "Whatever It Takes". Somewhat of a departure from their earlier material, "Whatever It Takes" went for more of a youth crew sound as opposed to their earlier fast but not quite old school sound. The band ended up only releasing one album with Rev and, if memory serves, the label printed 3 designs for the band which we'll take a look at.

The first was the simple block logo with the record title below it. The back featured a rehearsal photo from the insert of the record. To be honest, it's kinda boring. The shirt was printed on both athletic gray and on black but I feel like it's just a bland design and doesn't really work.

Moving on, the second design works real well on a tshirt but not a sweater. The front design is so small that it just feels like it gets lost on a hoodie. The photo is so good though...Brian McTernan holding out the mic and two X'ed up hands pointing back at him. The back featured a small Rev star in the middle but for some reason I didn't take a photo of it...not sure why. As far as I can remember, this was printed on both navy and black. The navy had the border in red (as pictured) while the black has the border in a blue.

Finally, we have the third design which is my personal favorite of the Rev era. Small oval logo on the front with "DC Straight Edge" below it and the great live photo of Graham Land airborne. I don't remember which other color this was printed on but I think it was black.

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Were you in a band in the 90s? Did you write for a zine or book shows? Did you just go to shows and had some of the best times of your life? Well we want to hear about it. We want people who still have a love for the 90s and are interested in scanning zines, conducting interviews with people who were active in the scene, ripping and posting rare and out of print records...basically what we do to help us out. If you're reading this, you know what we do.

Email us at and let us know if you're interested. If it goes really well, maybe we'll bring you on full time. Who knows?

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Here's the 'Five Songs' demo by Hourglass. All of the tracks on this demo would later be re-recorded for their split with New Day Rising and the self-titled 7". Excellent frantic, almost screamo-like hardcore, mostly due to the vocals. If you look closely at the demo cover you'll see it was initially called 'Four Songs' and then renamed 'Five Songs'. Which might also explain why there are only lyrics printed for the first 4 songs on the insert. The fifth song is 'When The Days Pass On' which would be re-recorded for their split with New Days Rising. Enjoy.

Hourglass - Five Songs demo
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I've been pretty busy and unfortunately neglecting this more than I would like to so for that I apologize. Anyway, someone requested the Hourglass 7 inch that Immigrant Sun released back in 1997-ish (correct me if I'm wrong). Listening back for the first time in many years, its a lot screamier than I remember it being but definitely still good. I guess it's appropriate that they did a split with New Day Rising. Future members of Buried Alive bring you 5 songs of screamy hardcore.

Edit - xjustinx:  I ripped my personal copy at 320k and scanned the cover for a new download link.

If you'd like to see the rest of the layout, click here. Sean, if you still have copies of this for sale, let me know and I'll take down the download link.
Hourglass - Self Titled 7 Inch

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Per guitarist Rajko's email, The Bridge have two shows coming up, including one opening for Integrity in Sofia, Bulgaria on February 10, 2012. They will be recording a 7" next month as well.

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Here's another request, which was made a while ago, sorry it's taken so long to do this post. Somebody requested material from NYHC band Sealed With A Fist, specifically their demo and the 'Beside The Lion' 7". I only have their 7", so here it is. Solid 90s NYHC with a slight metallic and grooving edge. This 7" was released in 1993 on Nawpost Records, a small label which I believe was run by John Franko of Awkward Thought? Anyways, some time after the 7" was released singer Aragon Amori died, RIP. Their guitarist would take over on vocals, but no recordings were made with this line-up that I know of. Sealed With A Fist ended when their drummer went to play for Maximum Penalty. He would also do some time in Madball. Their bassplayer now plays in a band called Truth In Needles.

Sealed With A Fist - 'Beside The Lion' 7"

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My friend, Tim, came over a couple of weeks ago with a handful of Indecision cassettes for me to convert to mp3.  For those that don't know, Indecision released quite a few tapes over the course of their tenure, so there are even more out there aside from these four that I'm going to post.  If anyone has some of the other tapes, and you'd like to send me dubs to convert, please get in touch!

Indecision - Three More Songs [Demo 95/96]

 Indecision - Dashboard Icons [demo 1996]

 Indecision - Live!!! [10-31-97]

The following cassette contained a mixture of tracks from To Live And Die In New York City and Release The Cure, followed by two unreleased covers and five live songs.  I only converted the covers and live songs since all of the other tracks are readily available.
Indecision - In God We Rust [2000]

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I'm extremely excited to welcome our newest contributor to Stuck In The Past, John Vista of Vista Zine and former lead singer for Inner Dam. John has been a great friend and regular follower here for years and we're excited to have him join us.

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We have interviewed about 50 people since beginning this book last April. We have about 100 more to go, on our ‘wish list.’ If you are not on this already-interviewed list (below) and wish to be, please get in touch. We need you! We’ve done interviews via phone, email, Skype and in person using audio & video. We’d like to wrap all interviews by Spring 2012 to publish by the end of this year. Here’s a list of the cast of characters so far:

Billy Anderson: former 9:30 Club bouncer
Nathan Anderson: perpetual hardcore kid
Gabe Banner: Safari promoter
Matt Burger: Worlds Collide singer
Rodney Butinelli: drummer: Parasite, Scooter Trash
David Byrd: singer: Set to Explode; drummer: Barfight & For the Living
Martin Castro: Safari Club promoter
Dan Cav: bassist: Resurrection, Absolution
Chuck Copeland: former DC scenester, Original Hardcore Kid
John (Galbraith) Cornerstone: Safari Club promoter
Pat Crean: Goons guitarist; singer: Musicband
Gini Crowder: support staff/Safari Club door-woman
Alex Daniels: Swiz drummer
Sean Dorsey: hardcore kid
Nam Dong: East Wind guitarist
Zac Eller: drummer: Worlds Collide, Bluetip
Lars Frederiksen: guitarist: Rancid, UK Subs; singer: Lars & the Bastards
Grant Garrettson: drummer: LDKids, HR band
Linas Garsys: artist
JR Glass: singer: Next Step Up & Bet the Devil
Andy Guida: drummer: Supertouch, Absolution
Steve Hart: guitarist: Day of Suffering
Chris Hartnett: band manager: Elegant Mess; indie label owner.
Dave Hooser: hardcore kid
Kenny Innouye: Marginal Man guitarist; former 9:30 Club booking agent
Colin Kelly: hardcore kid
Jason Kooken: hardcore fan
Tom Lyle: bassist: Government Issue
Alec MacKaye: Ignition vocalist
Jay Martin: doorman of Safari Club
Mike McTernan: Damnation A.D. singer
Michelle Mennona: photographer
Heidi Minx: Franky & Minx clothing designer; author Punk Rock Domestics
Toby Morse: H2O singer; former Sick of it All roadie
Ingrid Newkirk: PETA founder/director
Ken Olden: guitarist: Damnation A.D., Worlds Collide, Battery, Better than a Thousand, YOT
Anthony Olney: Barfight singer; drummer: Quill; former 9:30 Club doorman
Gabe Onrubia: hardcore kid
Jason Orr: singer: Press Your Luck; guitar: Benchmark
Jason Powell: guitarist & singer, Fury for Another
Sharie Powell: bassist, Fury for Another
Kurt Powers: Time Flies singer
Tru Prey: founder of Malfunction Records; show promoter
Dave Saulnier: hardcore kid
Walter Schreifels: guitarist: Gorilla Biscuits; singer: Quicksand & Rival Schools
Sammy Siegler: drummer: Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Judge
Arthur Smilios: bassist, Gorilla Biscuits, Token Entry; producer: Hot Water Music
Joe Songco: Outburst drummer
Steve Squint: Bad Brains roadie
“Fat Rich” Warwick: drummer: Shark Attack
Joe Wongananda: photographer
Bryan Wassom: owner, Sunspot Records
Kevin Young: bassist, Device

Live at the Safari Club Facebook group -

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On a related note, Richie Birkenhead will be playing at Cafe Nine in New Haven, CT on 1/14/12. More info can be found here.