Sunday, January 8, 2012

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My friend, Tim, came over a couple of weeks ago with a handful of Indecision cassettes for me to convert to mp3.  For those that don't know, Indecision released quite a few tapes over the course of their tenure, so there are even more out there aside from these four that I'm going to post.  If anyone has some of the other tapes, and you'd like to send me dubs to convert, please get in touch!

Indecision - Three More Songs [Demo 95/96]

 Indecision - Dashboard Icons [demo 1996]

 Indecision - Live!!! [10-31-97]

The following cassette contained a mixture of tracks from To Live And Die In New York City and Release The Cure, followed by two unreleased covers and five live songs.  I only converted the covers and live songs since all of the other tracks are readily available.
Indecision - In God We Rust [2000]



Thank you so much!Hopefully we get the other ones too!

Warxfish said...

Thank you SO much!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh! been looking for "in god we rust" forever..thanks!

actionxjackson said...

this is very exciting. thanks!

Anonymous said...

i have the HALLOWED BE THY NAME tape i can convert for you. shoot me an email with your contact info and ill share the raw rip. cheers

Unknown said...

they had some even older ones than these also. i have been trying to track them down forever it is like my hardcore holy grail. i have some of the songs from them recorded off a radio show from 1994. i put a really bad audio quality tape dub of them on youtube you can find them under user jerzsteve.