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147 copies on cool blue

'77 pressing
77 copies on green

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London Straight Edge band Abolition (myspace.com/xabolitionx http://www.facebook.com/xabolitionx) are going to be touring Europe this summer from the 28th July-10th August in support of their forthcoming s/t LP on Holy Roar Records. The LP features 10 songs which build on the 90’s influenced metallic hardcore seen on last year’s “In the grasp of Tyrants” and their splits with Hang the Bastard and Ark of the Covenant, pushing their sound in a yet heavier direction.
The band are still looking for four shows to complete the tour:

1st August-(Germany)
2nd August-(Czech Republic)

If you want to book a show, or know anyone that might be able to help, please email xabolitionx@hotmail.co.uk for information.

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Among the photo sets included here are the first live shots of Outspoken with Wes Sisk on vocals, Mike Hartsfield on guitar, Colin Duckmanton on drums, Matt Lynch on bass and Nicholas James on guitar. Which brings me to a subject that I'd like to discuss for a bit.

Ever since Outspoken officially announced their intentions to reunite last year, there's been a great deal of very positive as well as very negative reaction to it. And now that the most current Outspoken lineup consists of only one original member, Hartsfield, there seems to be quite a bit more negative than positive.

My (Andrew Jacobs) two cents on the matter is this - the more Outspoken, the better. First and foremost, it's about the music, not the people who perform it. There is very clearly a demand for Outspoken and many other '90s hardcore bands right now. If the bands are capable of supplying it in a manner that isn't completely ridiculous (and I'm of the opinion that Outspoken most certainly is), then I'm 100% in favor of it.

Enjoy the photos.

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As many of you know, Earth Crisis is releasing a new record on July 12 through Century Media. The record is called "Neutralize The Threat" and Blabbermouth.net has a great write up on the record including a track-listing and the cover art. You can read that write up as well as view the cover art: Earth Crisis on Blabbermouth.net.
Our good friends at First World Problems just released their newest Podcast and interview Scott Crouse, guitarist for Earth Crisis about the history of the band and the current on goings of the band as well as preview a clip of a new song around the 1 hour 12 minute mark. Pre-orders should be announced soon for the new record.

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With Disembodied coming to an end at the Harvest reunion show in July, word is now coming down that members of Disembodied have joined up with members of Threadbare to form a new band called Xaphan.

The member lineup for Xaphan is:
Brian Lovro-Vocals
Joel Johnson- Guitar
Charlie Johnson- Guitar
Tara Johnson- Bass
Mike Paradise-Drums
 For now, you can find them on Facebook, and there's also a BandCamp site that you should keep your eyes on.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm really excited to hear what comes out of this project.  Two of my all time favorite bands merging into one is bound to be heaven for my ears.
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One of my favorite compilations is the Guilty By Association comp on Indecision Records. It's a great snapshot of a memorable time in hardcore for me.
There's a couple of weird things on that comp, like Frown(who had grown from the Christian hardcore band Resist and who's singer would eventually go on to play keyboards in The Locust), Within A Lie who had members of Mean Season, and Caste.
Caste was Isaac Golub and Regis Guerin from A Chorus Of Disapproval, or XCHORUSX as they are lovingly referred to, on vocals and bass, Jason Hampton on guitar, and PT Pugh on drums. Apparently Dave Mandel was the original singer. THAT would have been awesome.
I saw them play a couple times, probably their only shows. The band seemed to be a natural progression of the "hard" style of Chorus into the mid to late 90s chugga realm, without resorting to the near-neanderthal riffage of the vegan m0sh bands.

The Caste song on the comp is one of the songs on the demo. The demo cover is very simple, with a very clear message that the band would have an upcoming release on Indecision Records, a 12" record. That 12" would never come out. The band played only a couple of shows, only had songs on the comp and demo, and then vanished.
Hampton, who had played bass in Outspoken, would go on to sing for The Suppression Swing, and eventually play alongside Mike Vallely in Mike V and the Rats and Revolution Mother.
Isaac kept at it for a few years with Amendment 18.
PT played drums for The Suppression Swing and the Killing Flame.

This is the two songs off the demo, ripped straight from cassette.

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I've been following the Fugitive Equilibrium blog for a few years now and have consistently found it to be one of the best blogs on the internet for '90s downloads and content. One of the many great things about this blog is that the person who runs it makes it a point to showcase the more (and, in some cases, the MOST) obscure '90s bands and artists. Also, while some of them aren't necessarily hardcore, most of them fall under the umbrella of hardcore music. Check it out sometime.

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Prohibition III performance sometime around 1995 at the Macondo in Los Angeles.

This line up included:
Sweet Pete (In My Eyes) - Vocals
Andrew (Strife) - Drums
Sid (Strife) - Bass
Todd (Strife) - guitar

Set includes covers from Project X, Full On Straight, Wide Awake, Mouthpiece and more. Look for guest sing alongs from members of Undertow, Strife and more!

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XIBALBA is selling a bunch of stuff on eBay to help pay for some last minute repairs on their van before they leave for tour next week, so please click HERE and bid hard!

5/23 San Diego Ca @ Che Cafe
5/24 Pomona Ca @ Aladdin Jr
5/25 Fresno @The Bell Tower
5/26 Santa Cruz @105 Pioneer
5/27 Rain fest
5/28 Rain fest
5/29 Rain fest

5/30 Victoria BC @ Victoria Events Center
5/31 Vancouver BC @ The Astoria
6/01 Kelowna BC @The Bakery Skate Shop
6/02 Calgary AB @ The New Black Art Center
6/03 Lethbridge AB @ Loyal Order of the Moose
6/04 Saskatoon SK @ Le Relais
6/05 Regina SK @ The Club
6/06 Winnipeg MB @ The Deathtrap
6/07 Minneapolis MN @ The Beat

6/8 Chicago IL @ Beat Kitchen
6/9 Ashtabula OH @ West End Art space
6/10 Poughkeepsie NY @ The Loft
6/11 Long Island fest
6/12 Long Island fest

6/13 Syracuse NY @ Westcott Community Center
6/14 Albany NY @ Valentines Upstairs
6/15 Haverhill MA @ Anchors Up
6/16 brooklyn Ny @ The Party Expo
6/17 philadelphia PA @ BSM Upstairs
6/18 Baltimore MD @ Charm City Art space
6/19 Richmond VA @ The Warehouse
6/20 Wilmington NC @ Soapbox
6/21 Atlanta Ga @ Luna Nueva

6/22 Orlando FL @ Hoops tavern
6/23 Pembroke pines FL @ The talent farm
6/24 Jacksonville FL @ Unit 6
6/25 Tallahassee FL @ The farside
6/26 tupelo, MS @ The spot
6/27 little rock, AR @ Downtown music hall
6/28 Fort worth, Tx @ 1919 Hemphill
6/29 El Paso Tx @ The Naylair

6/30 Tempe Az @ Yucca Practice Spot
7/1 San Diego Ca @ Che Cafe
7/2 Pomona Ca @ Aladdin Jr
7/3 Berkeley Ca @ 924 Gilman
7/22 Sound And Fury
7/23 Sound And Fury
7/24 Sound And Fury

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I've owned 3 rescue dogs and a cat since 2003, so needless to say, I am a staunch supporter of ASPCA. Please visit the Dead Armor Apparel webstore and consider making a purchase to help out animals in need. Be sure to check out the Dead Armor Apparel and State Of Mind Recordings websites as well.

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South Florida Hardcore is alive and well. After living in Tallahassee for 3 years, I lost touch with what was happening in Miami with the exception what I picked up through the message boards. After moving back a year ago, I reacquainted myself with the scene I grew up with and still love. I had spoken to drummer Darien on several occasions and on many of these, he told me about his band Harbinger. I saw them play once as a four piece and I thought they definitely had potential but just weren't quite there yet. Fast forward about 6 months, a second guitar player was added and the band started to gel. Darien slipped me a copy of their record and I have to say I was pretty impressed. The band play a good mixture of Merauder influenced hardcore with a touch of that NYHC feel....its tough but not tough if that makes any sense, more on the metal tip than hard. I even felt a little Anthrax influence at times. The record has 8 songs and speeds by quickly without much time for lag. The mix is clean and the levels are all about even without anything overpowering. The band released the album themselves and is going about it the right way: booking their own tours, playing shows regularly and coming out and supporting their scene. I'm expecting big things from them after seeing them this past week.
You can order their album "Slumgullion" by clicking here: Harbinger Big Cartel

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Sludgepot was an early '90s Orange County, California pop punk/hardcore band whose members would later go on to form Evergreen. This demo was released in 1991 and is also notable because it was produced by Popeye Farside. I, for one, have been wanting to obtain a rip of this ever since I began spending the better part of my waking hours on the internet in 2001, so I must say a big THANK YOU to Dan Sena for uploading this. Enjoy. - Andrew Jacobs

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Before I begin my little write-up, I urge all of you to check out the excellent photos taken at the premiere by Jeff Terranova and Larry Ransom. As cliche as it sounds, their photos describe the event FAR better and in greater detail than my words ever could.

First off, as you'll see in the photos, the theater was PACKED. Even after many extra seats were added on the floor and the balcony was opened up to accommodate the massive crowd, quite a few people were still unable to get seats and wound up having to stand while watching the movie. In short, it's blatantly obvious that despite what the naysayers will have you believe, '90s hardcore DID have an impact and on a great many people to boot.

As far as the movie itself, for obvious reasons, I don't feel that it would be appropriate for me to write a review per se of it. What I will say is that if you were involved to any degree in the hardcore and punk music scenes in Southern California at any point from 1990 to 1997 (especially if you grew up there and during that time) and you look back fondly on those years, you are in for a real treat. Needless to say, it's a HELLUVA trip down memory lane for the people who were there. Additionally, if you have any interest at all in indie label music from that time, you will enjoy it quite a bit as well.

If you haven't already done so, be sure to "like" the OCHS Facebook page to be kept apprised of all upcoming screenings and other related events.

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 Shades Apart were a 3 piece out of New Jersey, and existed for a good number of years, which produced a few releases on Revelation and Universal.  They garnered a bit of alternative radio success thanks to their cover of "Tainted Love", but these two early albums feature more of a hardcore/skate punk influence than their later releases.

 Shades Apart - self titled
[1988 - Wishingwell Records]

Shades Apart - Dude Danger
[1991 - Sunspot Records]
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Limited Pressing has launched a second site that is based solely around auctions and collections, and here's what they had to say.

Limited Pressing is very proud to announce the launch of The Old LP! [http://www.theoldlp.com]
It was extremely tough for us to keep this project quiet. You don't know how hard it was to answer questions about why we removed the full list of auctions, and not say that we needed to separate the two concepts of Stores and Collecting into different sites. A lot of people bad mouthed us because of the answers we gave them. We really felt terrible about that, but we had no idea how long it would take to build. We didn't want to get everyone all excited for something that could take months and months. I hope everyone can forgive us for that.
Help Us Pay For This Thing... please?
To keep really cool sites like this alive a lot of people make t-shirts and records, and mugs and frisbees and who knows what else. Unfortunately we don't have time for all that. So we decided to do a Donate For Bonus Features addition to the site. The price? A minimum donation of 5 bucks for the year. Here's what you'll get:
1. Buy it Nows! Yes, you read that correctly. 30 day limit BINs. I know a lot of people have wanted this feature for a long time. Well here it is. Many will ask, "Won't this fragment your already popular Store service from Limited Pressing?" Too which we will respond with, "eh, whatever."
2. Alerts! Yes, you read that correctly!! We will let you save any keyword(s) you want, and when someone lists something with that word in it, like an Auction, or Trade/$Offer or a Buy it Now, we will email you. Roll your tongue back up!
3. Vanity URLs! What the hell is a Vanity URL? You may have noticed that our user IDs are getting pretty big these days. Some people are in the 20 thousands. That's no fun at all. So we'll give you http://www.theoldlp.com/username as a link to your profile. You'll also get username/selling which will go to all your auctions and buy it nows. And username/collection and... you get the point.
4. Finally we will give you early access to any features we're testing, going to release at some point, or about to release. Basically you will be cool kid on the block... if you're not already. If you listen to the Gorilla Biscuits, you probably are.
Another thing we're going to do to try and pay for this absurd hosting bill is an ad in the footer of each page. This ad is attached to a self serve ad system. You'll be able to buy impressions (pageviews) and upload a banner ad, and then manage your ads in your dashboard. You'll never even have to talk to us! The ad size is 468x60 and if you don't have one of these ads you could email Righteous Indignation (info@righteousindignationli.com) and they will design one for you for a great price. The dudes who run this company are Wells Tipley (Traffic Violation Recs/86d Records and Fanzine) and Jason Lubrano (singer of Iron Chic). They're real good friends of ours and they will take care of you.
So, without further ado, we present The Old LP!
Follow us on Twitter to get the scoop on all the rare items that are up for sale and trade!
Limited Pressing
"21st century in the brain, 20th century in the heart."
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Thieves Hours feature former members of countless NW bands, including Harkonen, Playing Enemy, Hardesty, Champion, Himsa, Cephied, Stay Gold and more.
The band is still unapologetic in holding down the straight edge, but taking cues from a number of influences, most notably things from the 90's.
 Here's a demo track recorded at practice:

ThievesHours Believers by sitnerjustin

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This "discography" contains both of ICE's 7" EPs, their cover of Quiet Riot's "Metal Health" which appeared on the Jester Records 7" compilation Bus Vol. 1 - A Southern California Compilation and "To All My Friends" which appeared on the Fullified Records compilation Salad Bowl Theory. The photo below is of ICE's The Incomplete Discography double 7" which came out on Slowgun Records in 2001 and consisted of the two ICE 7" EPs Making Up For Lost Time and L'Chaim, originally released on Ringside Records in 1993. Enjoy.

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Orange County metalcore throwbacks Mournsingside A.D. are in a bit of a bind.
The band was sharing a practice space with a few other bands. Recently, it was decided that the space was going to be vacated, and every member of the bands needed to remove their equipment. When it came time for Mourningside to remove their drums, they were nowhere to be found.
The other bands have been asked if they know anything, and nobody seems to have an answer.
If you have any information to the drums' whereabouts, please contact letsstarttoday@sbcglobal.net

The future of the band hinges on the retrieval of the drums. Without them, the band will not carry on.

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Even though he's technically an '80s hardcore guy, it's damn near impossible to envision the '90s hardcore scene without the indelible influence of singer/frontman Dave Smalley and his work in '80s hardcore staples DYS and Dag Nasty. As a fan of Mr. Smalley for a quarter of a century this year, I couldn't be happier that the man has recently made his triumphant return to the stage with DYS reunion shows as well as upcoming shows with ALL and his longtime band Down By Law. Additionally, according to the video below, it appears that there might be another Dag Nasty record on the horizon as well! I encourage all of you to "like" the Dave Smalley and Punk Rock Days pages on Facebook to be kept up to speed on all of these and many other upcoming Smalley happenings.

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BTGOG's Three Steps To A Better Democracy 7" on remastered blue vinyl now available for preorder from Cobra Records & Widespread Distribution. Click here to preorder.

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A Better Hope Foundation
w/ Aspire
8/02 - San Diego, CA (record release show - click here for more info)
8/03 - Garden Grove, CA
8/04 - Fresno, CA
8/05 - Grass Valley, CA
8/06 - Reno, NV
8/07 - Twin Falls, ID
8/08 - Boise, ID
8/12 - San Francisco, CA
8/13 - Santa Cruz, CA
8/14 - Santa Barbara, CA

A Better Hope Foundation
w/ Olde Ghost and Cowardice
8/09 - Seattle, WA
8/10 - Tacoma, WA
8/11 - Portland, OR

ABHF's new 7" EP, You Can Never Go Home Again, will be released on 8/2/11 via True & Through Records. Also, after two years gone, guitarist Michelle Kunze has rejoined ABHF.

In other news, ABHF guitarist Wes Sisk is the new singer for Outspoken and will be fronting the band at their upcoming shows with, among others, Youth Of Today and Mouthpiece. ABHF bassist Matt Lynch will also be playing bass with Outspoken at these shows.

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Outrage from the north of Belgium (not to be confused with the numerous other bands with the same name) was a socio-political hardcore band. They were heavily into the DIY philosophy and released their 7"s themselves and distributed them thru their own distro, Day One. These are also the only records of theirs that I'm aware of. The first one, 'Between Brackets', was released in 1996 and the catalog number is 'OUT #001'. The second, 'To Terrorize Ear And Mind', was released in 1997 and the catalog number is 'RAGE #001'. The only other record they self-released that I know of, is the Vuur/Seein' Red split 7", Vuur being a band formed by members of Outrage (and various other bands), and Seein' Red being a Dutch hardcore, also politically very outspoken (and still around). I've not seen this band a lot live, but I did play a show with them with my old band (in Oirschot, the Netherlands, organized by a friend of mine who now lives in Malaysia) and they were damn good live, intense and passionate. Lyrically they tackled various issues ranging from vegetarianism/animal cruelty to hypocritical attitudes within their local scene to the responsibilities of being a parent. Their 7"s also come with explanations for the lyrics, something which I can always appreciate. Members went on to bands such as Vuur and Crimson Falls. Anyways, this band was great and definitely deserves more attention. So check out these 7"s, both are awesome. The 'Between Brackets' 7" also comes with a few flyers, so I've scanned those in as well.

Outrage - Between Brackets 7"
Outrage - To Terrorize Ear And Mind 7"
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From kristakhelps.wordpress.com:

Hey, I was trying to think of a way I can help without a website, simplest answer to me was E-mail! I am going to start randomly, but not too frequently to the point of annoyance, send emails to those that sign up for my “newsletter.” The contents will consist of booking links, photography links, venues, screen printing companies, etc.

I can’t share this info if no one signs up! So, if you could, please post this blog entry, retweet the link and SIGN UP if this information benefits you.

Thank you in advance, I hope this helps!