Monday, April 29, 2013

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Over the years, I've heard lots of people inquire as to what the full discography for Watermark Records was. With 22 releases scheduled over the course of 12 years, the label was quite varied sonically, but it's a testament to some of their chosen releases given that some people are still talking and asking about the label a good 10 years since their last release.

So, I hit up the Jordan brothers to see what the full discography of Watermark was, and here's what came back to me.  Note that no one could seem to remember what release #15 was, but there is a hunch that it might have been an Emory Swank release.

WM-01  Lincoln - Union   7"
WM-02  Flagman - Restraint     7"
WM-03   One - Remain  12" / CD EP
WM-04  Worlds Collide - All Hope Abandon 12" / CD
WM-05  Conviction - Self Titled     7"
WM-06  Threadbare - Ignition     7"
WM-07  Rain Still Falls - Sometimes Something CD
WM-08  Various Artists - Land of Greed World of Need 12" / CD
WM-09  Beltaine - Self Titled     7"
WM-10   Black Beans - Indeed  CD
WM-11  Contagen - Diorama CD
WM-12  Rain Still Falls - Fence b/w Satisfactory Free Idea Cassette Single
WM-13  Harriet Savant - Cassette Single
WM-14  Emory Swank - Self Titled   7"
WM-15   -  ???
WM-16  Rain Still Falls - Beginner Swimmer b/w Relax  7"
WM-17   A Don Piper Situation - Self Titled  7"
WM-18   Various Artists - Syracuse Hardcore  CD
WM-19   Various Artists - The First Four (Redemption)     CD   *yet to be released*
WM-20 - Tennis - Pure Evil     7"
WM-21   Kill It - Self Titled  EP   *yet to be released*
WM-22   Tennis - Laundromat    CD
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The debut video from Erie, PA's HUMAN ANIMAL is now online.  The track is "Swine Flu" from their brand new debut 7"EP "Dark Days" which is available as via Holy Mountain Music at

Human Animal is a brand new band featuring seasoned veterans of the Lake Effect Hardcore scene from bands such as Brother's Keeper, Disciple AD, Shockwave, Run Devil Run, The AKAs, Abnegation, and many more.  For more info on the band you can go to:

Monday, April 22, 2013

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Here's some video of Undertow and Shelter playing inside Bill Baker's garage in Bellingham, WA on 9/14/90.  For those that don't know, Bill sang for Jayhawker, and ran Incision Records for a short period of time, putting out the original version of Ringworm - The Promise.

The videos are both really choppy, perhaps due to the age of the VHS tape, but the audio for both sets are well intact, and well worth watching just for the rare glimpse of Undertow with Joel on vocals and John on bass.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

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XCLEARX playing at the Stage 4 Theater in Portland, OR on 4/4/98.

Friday, April 19, 2013

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 Alright so the word "classic" is a little bit of a stretch when it comes to the Doughnuts but this layout is as classic as they come. For years I had heard about the "naked straight edge kid" layout for their debut release "Equalize Nature", originally released by Desperate Fight Records. I had only owned a copy of the re-release by Victory Distribution but a few years back I picked up a copy from our old friend xYosefx. No additional songs but the layout...well it's something alright. The CD was released in a cardboard sleeve (thanks again for that 90's hardcore) so I did scans of the entire thing. Not sure where they were going with this idea for the layout but it's sight to behold.What's the story with the kid on the front? Anyone know him? The layout makes no mention of who it is.

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Hey guys,
I'm doing the best I can to update those downed links. If you do see one, let us know so we can fix it. I just updated the Uprising Demo, the One King Down "Rob Loves, Man Kills" demo, the Earthmover "Themes From Everyday Life" LP and the Ookla The Mok "Bless Her Little Black Heart" ep links so if you've been looking for those, they are now working. Direct links to the posts can be found below:

One King Down "Rob Loves, Man Kills" 2006 Demo


Uprising (pre-Green Rage) - Demo


Earthmover - Themes From Everyday Life


Ookla The Mok - Bless Her Little Black Heart


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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Full set from One King Down in Minneapolis, MN on 5/27/97.

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For Record Store Day 2013, Irish Voodoo Records will be selling a limited version of the Forced Down - Rise 7".  I'm a pretty big fan of this idea, as I feel Forced Down has been too overlooked over the years.  if all goes well, hopefully a remixed/remastered discography will see the light of day.

Back when I was a teen, Forced Down was one of my favorite hardcore bands from the late 80′s to early 90′s. Seeing them live was amazing, and I would drive over a hour to San Diego to see them. Forced Down didn’t sound like any other band at that time, and when I think of San Diego hardcore I think of Forced Down. Fast forward to 2013, who thought I would even be doing a label, let alone meeting Mike Down years ago and doing this little project. It might not be a big deal to others, but it’s a big deal to me. This is not a special repress on some crazy colored vinyl, or remixed and mastered, this is the original record with original labels from over 20 years ago. I'm going to do 4 different covers, with the same pic, but different words from each song on the cover/poster/insert.

The 7" will be for sale on the Irish Voodoo website on Record Store Day - 4/20.
Here's a short promotional video that was sent out to record stores by Victory Records in 1996.

Monday, April 15, 2013

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Left For Dead has posted a new track from one of their 4 upcoming 7"s that will be released as a series.

Below is more info from the band's blog

Ebay Shitbirds Rejoice.

This weekend in Hamilton we finished recording the first of the 4X7" series we're doing. 8 songs, including Rival Leaders (the Exploited cover we were playing at the January shows) and a redux of Standing By. They'll be limited to 400 (in honour of 400 Upper Sherman, a pivotal Steel City hardcore house of our youth). We're putting them out ourselves, they'll be available via subscription through A389, and they'll have all kinds of extra shit in them - stickers and patches and a poster that all 4 covers will make up. There'll be no digital version other than previews like below, just records and tapes. And if you miss out on the 7"es, when all 4 are done it's going to be an LP, also on A389. 

Here's a new track called 1946 (about Evelyn Dick) which will also be on a Hamilton-themed Schizophrenic LP comp. Recorded by Jesse Bartkiewicz:
There's not a lot of shows and there won't be, but we're trying to swing what we can. We're playing Chaos in Tejas with Infest, Final Conflict and Hoax (plus a secret 2nd show). We're also playing Sound and Fury in July with Tragedy for you west coast mofos, and with Citizen's Arrest in Montreal in August.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

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Sparkmarker hailed from Vancouver, BC from 1990 - 1997 and often played alongside the likes of other NWHC greats like Strain and Undertow.  In 1992, they recorded three tracks with Don Fury that became the Plug 7" on Selfless Records.  Those same three songs also appear on a self released cassette under the same title, but with three soundboard quality live tracks on the b-side, and here is a rip of that cassette.

Sparkmarker - Plug & Live
[1992 - self released]

This show...holy shit!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

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In the past, we've posted a couple of old Hardline zines. I received an email that a few of the old links were down so I'll try and get those fixed. In the mean time, here's a copy of "Forward To Eden: A Guideline To Hardline Viewpoints" from Upstate Hardline. Though it may be considered an outdated radical concept, Hardline was still a part of hardcore history that people either loved or despised. I tend to try and keep my personal opinions aside from what I post but I will say, though I am still straight edge, I do not believe in the Hardline philosophy. That said, click the link below to get a glimpse inside the world of Hardline.

Hardline Zine: "Forward To Eden: A Guideline To Hardline Viewpoints"

Monday, April 8, 2013

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Straight from the band announcement:

We (Unrestrained) have traditionally held full time jobs to fund our passion filled pursuit of recording hardcore records since we were teenagers, but it's 2013 and that shit is for the birds, so now we're going to crowdsource all future endeavors.

Please watch this video detailing our first Kickstarter campaign while we continue to get everything lined up on their site.

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If you're anything like me, I like to find out every minute detail about my favorite bands. One thing that had eluded me for years was the story behind the Unbroken t-shirt "Winter Tour 94/95 With Barry". If this is your first time laying eyes on this tee, well here's the specs.

This was offererd in navy blue as well as a rust orange (pretty sure those were the only two) and features the band logo on the front with the a live photo of what looks like the late Eric Allen (Rob or Steve if you're reading this and I'm wrong, let me know so I can fix it). Nice color combo with the navy and the grey ink.

Since my curiousity had finally gotten the best of me, I shot Steven Miller (guitar) a message to find out just who Barry was/is. Here's his response:

"Hi Chip! This is an easy one. Barry is a great friend of ours who was the drummer of Amenity, House of Suffering and the original drummer in Kill Holiday. We took him on that tour with us so we thought it would be cool to have him be more a part of things that just a "roadie" for lack of a better term."

Saturday, April 6, 2013

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Well, what is there really to say about Lifeless? One of the most infamous bands to come from the 90s SLC straight edge scene. Everyone knows about their much sought after  7", but here is a nice little treat for those who just aren't satisfied with those 3 songs. These 2 unreleased songs were recorded a few months after the 7" for a compilation that was never released. Iwas even told these songs were supposed to be included on the cdversion of the Lifeless 7" that Life Sentence Records was supposed to be doing, but that also never saw the light of day. These songs sound rough, but capture the band perfectly (if I do say so myself). Two more thick, brutal, monstrous sounding songs from these SLC madmen. 

Also, here are pictures of the extremely rare Lifeless t-shirt. From what i've been told, there were only 24 ever made

Thursday, April 4, 2013

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Here's a full, unedited interview with Project X from early August of 1988.  It's long, but some of the banter before the actual interview starts was just too ridiculous and funny to edit out.  This is Sammy and Porcell being interviewed by Greg Anderson, and a pre-Brotherhood Ron Guardipee just prior to taking over vocal duties for Brotherhood.

Here's some extra info that was also given to me by Ron Guardipee:
The interview took place at a RAX restaurant in Lynnwood, Washington. Youth Of Today stayed in Seattle at Greg's house for a few days before continuing the We're Not... Tour down the coast. Walter had broke his leg in Tri-Cities a couple days before, so when they played with the John White version of Brotherhood in Oak Harbor, WA, Ray played bass and roadie Steve Reddy (later of Equal Vision) sang.  They rehearsed at the Brotherhood practice space the day before the show.  It was awesome. Me, Greg, Sammy & Porcell went to see DieHard the day after the show and had dinner at the RAX before the film.  RAX had a raging all you can eat salad bar then.

An edited version of the interview ended up in issue #3 of John White's zine, Open Your Eyes.  John has mentioned possibly compiling all of the old issues of Open Your Eyes and reissuing them in a collected form.  Hopefully that will see the light of day.

Here is a download of the interview in mp3 format:

And here it is on youtube for convenient listening:

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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When Unrestrained played Spokane, WA a few weeks ago, Ron Brotherhood gave me a handful of tapes for conversion.  Among the stack were a few Brotherhood recordings that have never been heard by the public at large.

First up is a soundboard recording from 4/1/89 in Spokane at 123 Arts.  I'm not sure of all the band that the show consisted of, but Ron does mention Christ On A Crutch, so it had to be a banger!

Brotherhood - 4/1/89 Spokane, WA

Next up are two rehearsal recordings from 1988.  They are listed as rehearsals numbers 9 and 10, and judging by the date on another Brotherhood rehearsal tape that I have, this should place them around November or December of 1988.
Both rehearsals are in one download, but they extract to two separate folders.

Brotherhood - 1988 Rehearsals
#9 / #10