Sunday, June 5, 2011

Here's one of the first, if not the first, compilations documenting the Belgian H8000 scene, tho it was still known as the 8000 scene at the time. This compilation was released in 1992 on Warehouse Records, which was run by Jeroen from Nations On Fire, who also did Machination Records, and Edward from Rise Above, Love, Truth & Honesty and Nations On Fire. After Jeroen left the label, Edward continued with it and in 1994 changed the name to Good Life Recordings, which is still going strong to this day. 'Regress No Way!' features 4 of the bands of the scene at that time: Nations On Fire, Blindfold, Spirit Of Youth and Shortsight.

Nations On Fire were one of the most political bands of the (H)8000 scene. Edward Good Life played in this band and Hans Liar also did some time in this band (but not on this recording). Their song on here is a live-recording of a song from their 'Burn Again...' 2x7".
Blindfold was another band that had Hans Liar in it, and they would evolve to become one of the more unique sounding bands to come out of the (H)8000 scene.
The Spirit Of Youth track was originally a Love, Truth & Honesty track, but the band had changed the name to Spirit Of Youth by the time the compilation was released. It still had Edward on vocals, who would leave and be replaced later that year, when also the 1st SOY 7" was recorded and released on Crucial Response. It wasn't until after these releases that SOY started to play the metalcore style they're known for.
Shortsight had Hans Liar on vocals at that time, and their song was taken from their demo. Afterwards he left the band and his sister Saskia would take over vocal duties, and the band would change their style to become an emo-band and release a 7" and a full-length.

Hans Liar is doing an H8000 book, which promises to be a must-have. If and when there is news about the book, he will post it on the H8000 Book facebook page and/or his blog, H8000 Central, so check those out if you're interested in the book or in H8000 history in general.

Regress No Way! compilation 7" (download removed due to complaints)


Anonymous said...

thanks for this one, it brings back a lot of memories. i remember BLINDFOLD playing here in germany in '94. during their set two losers squirted wine on the x'd up guitar player. they immediately jumped off the stage and went for them. good show.


Anonymous said...

Sweet one here, totally essential!! I love that SOY track a bunch! Check the poster that Edward made:

Mega cult!!!