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(Photo credit: Chris Z photography)

Andy forwarded the info to me and it looks like Detroit's Earthmover will be playing Chicago, March 19th at the Beat Kitchen. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, Tuesday at 11:00 AM. Here's the info:

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

EARTHMOVER (for the very last time!)

8:00 PM Doors/ 8:30 Start

Beat Kitchen
2100 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL

17 & Over


You can order tickets here: Earthmover in Chicago, Buy Tickets Here!
They have also set up a Facebook page with up to date info which can be seen here: Earthmover in Chicago on Facebook

Our friend Joe Lifeline (of Lifeline Records) is putting this on so if you are in the area, make it out. Also, check out Lifeline Records and pick up some vinyl
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From the New Age Records Facebook page:

If anyone has an outstanding mailorder, please forward your paypal receipt to: . We are doing our best to kick ass and clean up any left over orders. thanks.-Mike

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Here's a 7" from 1999 featuring 2 quite different bands from Sweden and Germany. It was released on Pateline Industries, a label from Germany. I believe this was one of its final releases before the label folded.

Crowpath was a technical death metal/hardcore band from Sweden with a number of releases under their belt. This was their first release after they did a couple of demo's. The 2 songs here are some of their more straightforward material, relatively speaking that is. They since incorporated more death metal and grindcore influences into their songs and also became more technical, and ended up putting out records on labels such as Earache and Willowtip. Crowpath split up in 2009 or so but some of the members have a new band called Tellusian.

Drown In Frustration were more of a melodic rocking hardcore band with an emocore edge to them. Definitely good stuff as well, and it's cool the label put 2 quite different bands on this split. DIF had already done a 7" of their own, also on Pateline Industries, before this split 7" and would also release stuff afterwards. DIF went through some line-up changes and long periods of inactivity and eventually the remaining members changed the name to/started a new band called Man The Change and are still active under that name. Do check out Man The Change, it's good stuff.

The Crowpath side of this split would end up on the 'Old Cuts And Blunt Knives' CD from 2004 which collected their early vinyl output onto CD. I've ripped the original 7" tho.

Crowpath/Drown In Frustration - split 7"
Crowpath myspace
Drown In Frustration myspace

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While this is just breaking into the 2000s (or the aughts as they like to call them), Bury Your Dead's demo featuring the original lineup as well as dual vocalists is still worth a listen. Sure the lyrics are a little bit silly at times ("No more crying to your Dashboard records, you sappy emo bitch") but the music is just crushing. This is still my favorite release from them. My old band was in Rhode Island staying at my friend Mark's house on a day off. We were working on new songs in his basement and when we took a break, Jesse and Joe went down and started writing this demo. They wrote and recorded 7 songs, 5 off which were on the demo. I've included all 7 songs for your listening pleasure. I re-ripped the original 5 song demo at a higher bitrate but the 2 additional songs are at 128 kbps which was sent to me many years ago when we thought that was a good bitrate. . Unfortunately, there really is nothing I could do for that so I apologize. The band did have 2 different covers for the demo. The one you see above as well as a tour edition with a van on the front. I dont know how rare any of them are but this is just the one that I have. The band still exists to this day in one shape or another with Mark and Slim being the only original members still and they sound somewhat different. Take a little and see why they were the talk of the early 2000s.

Bury Your Dead - Demo 2k2

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Yes, its finally here. Ive gone through everything and have it up in the store. All items will be available to purchase on Thursday at 12 NOON EST. If you left your email in the comments last months, I have emailed you to let you know. All purchases will begin shipping on Monday morning, Janury 31st. Thanks for your patience everyone.

Morning Again Merch Available on Thursday at 12 NOON EST
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For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

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By The Grace of God will be playing a reunion this May in Louisville as Krazy Fest will once again be held. They've only listed a few bands but the lineup so far is:

By The Grace of God
Chamberlain/Split Lip
Bouncing Souls

Keep up to date on the Krazy Fest website as they will be announcing more bands soon.
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Rich and I had been trying to coordinate schedules for quite some time to finish up this interview. We finally we're able to get down and finish it so here we have the final part of my 4 part interview with Rich Thurston. Thanks for your patience. Again, I want to preface this by stating that the opinions expressed belong to Rich and do not reflect Stuck In The Past as a whole.

Stuck In The Past: How did you end up joining Terror?

Rich Thurston: Well I had known Scott Vogel for years and years. Culture played a bunch of shows with Despair. I almost joined Despair right after I was "relieved" of my duties in Culture. Ha. Anyways...I was playing in One Nation Under and we played Hellfest with Terror that year. I was blown away. Later on, ONU played Furnace Fest with Terror again. I was already just about done with ONU so I was just talking to Scott about it. He told me they were about to need a new bass player. The rest is history.

Stuck In The Past: Did you move out to LA or were you commuting?

Rich: I would meet them at the beginning of tours in certain cities, Kansas City or somewhere. I had plans to move out there after we did the Reach the Sky final show.

Stuck In The Past: But you didn't?

Rich: Todd Jones and I started butting heads. He was very hard to be in a band with. I eventually couldn't keep my mouth shut about it. Finally it was him or me and since he wrote all the music it was me.

Stuck In The Past: How long were you in the band then?

Rich: Like 6 months maybe. I recorded the Lowest Of The Low CD which is by far the bands best shit. I loved that band. It was an amazing time. I was crushed when I was done. It hurt but such is life

Stuck In The Past: Are you still friendly with any of the guys in the band?

Rich: Well I was accepted as friends on facebook with Scott and nick so in cyber world yes. Ha. I haven't talked to any of them in years.

Stuck In The Past: So what did you do after Terror? Did you work on any projects?

Rich: Yeah. I started Still Crossed immediately after

Stuck In The Past: You did the full length on Indecision?

Rich: Yeah. I had a great time writing and playing that music. It was a lot of fun. Like all good things it came to an end

Stuck In The Past: Were you just over playing in the band? Just not into anymore?

Rich: Well during that band I was in Courage Crew. For those that don't know what that is it, is a SxE Crew here in Ohio and in other parts of the country. Well I had been drifting apart from them. Just didn't have the same thought process anymore. Eventually I was kicked out so to speak. That put a lot of stress on the rest of the band. I was getting threatened and all that. I went to Europe with Walls Of Jericho to be their fill in bass player and while I was gone, the band kicked me out. It was a bitch move but I guess I don't blame them.

Stuck In The Past: Did you ever patch things up with the Courage Crew guys or are you still at odds?

Rich: Its always a crap shoot. Ha. Sometimes its fine, sometimes I hear its not. I don't care either way. I am 37... 38 in January. Its been like 6 years or something. It makes no difference to me whatsoever.

Stuck In The Past: So what are you up to now?

Rich: Well..... Once I got back from Europe I started taking Jiu Jitsu. Then I got into Muay Thai. I have been fighting since 2003. I teach Muay Thai here in Cincinnati at JG MMA ACADEMY. I love it.

Stuck In The Past: Do you compete professionally?

Rich: Yes sir. I am 1-1 as a pro. I teach a lot more then fight now. I am getting older and its not so much a priority anymore. Although... I am possibly fighting a Muay Thai fight in Paris, France and London, England.

Stuck In The Past: Wow, that's awesome.

Rich: Yeah... I got a few left in me. Might as well make them memorable and travel a little bit.

Stuck In The Past: So are you doing anything musically now?

Rich: I still write. I am planning on recording some stuff soon. It will see the light of day. I have been friends with Mr. Eulogy John Wylie for a very long time. I had a heart to heart with him recently. I think, as long as he likes it, it may be out on Eulogy

Stuck In The Past: Very cool. You had mentioned a project you were working on with Damien...

Rich: Yeah. He's a bitch and backed out. Ha Ha Ha. No he is just real busy I guess. I had hoped to do it with him because he hands down still has one of the best HXC vocals of all time. When he sang Culture's "Deforestation" I shit my pants.

Stuck In The Past: I really hope that happens...I would love to hear how that would have come out.

Rich: Get on his ass about it. I mean I am writing all the music and recording it. All he has to do is lay vocals.

Stuck In The Past: haha Ill get in touch with him. Okay lets get a little general...what are you top 5 favorite hardcore records.

Rich: Top five records or top five bands?

Stuck In The Past: Let's do bands.

Rich: Ok. 1. Gorilla Biscuits 2. Judge 3. Cro Mags 4. Dag Nasty 5. Minor Threat. To be honest so many bands can fit in that category but Gorilla Biscuits is always #1.

Stuck In The Past: Okay how what about 90s bands?

Rich: Earth Crisis.... Chokehold.... Buried Alive.... Strife (before... well you know)... Snapcase...again so many fall into that category.... EXC is probably the most influential to me personally.

Stuck In The Past: Thats a good list. Buried Alive is still my favorite Scott Vogel band

Rich: Terror take it for me but damn it when I got that Buried Alive demo tape I fucking shit myself.

Stuck In The Past: Yup. So aggressive and angry.

Rich: I was almost in that band too. Ha

Stuck In The Past: I notice and continue streak of "almosts".

Rich: Yeah... I have been in a lot of important bands and almost in just as many ha

Stuck In The Past: Well its nice to know that people at least thought about asking if you'd be interested in helping out.

Rich: Yeah. I made a lot of friends in the last 20 years. Some I still talk to some I haven't in years. Lots of great great times and memories, some shitty ones too. The Hardcore scene is so fragile and fickle at times

On a final note, Rich had this to say:

So I have written this thing a few times now. Each time I think I covered everything and then I read it only to find holes that need filled. This time around I just decided to write what I am feeling. I don’t think it has to be in any type of order or anything to get my point across. Hardcore is my life. For over two decades now hardcore has played a crucial roll. It has allowed me to see the world and meet some amazing… and not so amazing people. It has taught me lessons and shown me beautiful things. I remember my first show like it was yesterday. 1988… Cameo Theater Miami Beach, FL. GBH and The Exploited. I was petrified and stoked at the same time. I was hooked. Second show…. Same place… Cro Mags. I have seen so many shows that trying to remember them all would be futile. Some of the most memorable would be Shelter at Washington Square, SOIA and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones also at Washington Square. I remember all the people from South Florida that were around when I was coming up. Some I haven’t spoken to in years. It hurts my heart to think back sometimes. I miss it so much. Some of you may ask… why interview this asshole? I’m sure plenty of you either don’t know who I am and could give a fuck for that matter. Some of you have heard rumors… others were there. I’m not writing this for any of you. It’s for me. I needed to do this. Hardcore music and the hardcore scene has given me great joy and shown me humiliation over the years. On the flip side of that, I feel like not only myself but the bands I was involved with had a very huge impact on not only the South Florida scene but the US and European scenes as well. There would be no Morning Again if Culture didn’t happen first. There would be no “24” if Culture didn’t happen first. I feel to this day that Culture, along with a few other bands, paved the way for a lot of “metalcore” bands. I am very proud of that. I am extremely pleased something I felt so strongly about and put so much effort into found so many kids. That’s the biggest thing I think that has changed. Hardcore used to be so personal. Face to face. I remember checking the mail everyday for that new shirt or package of records. It gave you a sense of pride walking around in your new Judge or Slapshot shirt. It was like you were part of something bigger. You were separated from the masses. It was yours and it was special. Now you have Hot Topic selling sxe t shirts and 15 year old kids wearing Black Flag belt buckles. It’s disgusting. We are all at fault for letting it slip away. If you are over the age of 30 and still into it… shame on you. Shame on me. I remember sitting at Kinko’s until 4 am cutting and pasting some shitty zine together with my friend Anthony. It was such a gratifying feeling. Now you can click your fucking mouse and find out anything you want to know about any band anywhere. More importantly any keyboard warrior can make up anything they want to and for some reason people believe it. Its crazy. The personalization of it is gone. I might be jumping from topic to topic but I got a lot on my mind. Now I’m not gonna sit here and give you this image of unity and togetherness. I have witnessed and partaken in some fucked up shit over the years. I am not proud of some of the things I have done. I feel like an apology is long over due. I don’t think it will change anything but I know I am a different person today… a much better person today… because of some of the horrible decisions I made in the past, I lost some good people in my life and missed out on some amazing opportunities. Those are things I have to deal with. I still write and play music but its for me now. I still need the outlet. I still have things to say. I got some new stuff in the works that John Wylie and I have discussed. I am hoping it sees the light of day soon. I guess what I want people that read this to know is remember who you are and what got you there. The good, the bad and the ugly. I would like to thank Gorilla Biscuits for changing my life. I would like to thank South Florida Hardcore for the memories. This “manifesto” could go on and on but I’m sure you are over reading anymore. I will leave you with this…. “Look at the person next you. That’s the person you will be punching in the face during this next song.” Jamie Jasta.
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The other day, I was editing the final part of my interview with Rich Thurston (expect that in the next few days) when I received a message from Kevin. He told me that he had just read my interview with John Wylie and he wanted to address two topics. One, the subject of an alternate recording of "As Tradition Dies Slowly" and two, a comment made by one of our followers regarding the second Morning Again lineup and a stolen amp. Here's what he had to say:

"There was a first recording of "As Tradition...", recorded before a Euro trip. John thought the recording was too fast so we re-recorded it after the tour. I was sick on the record, could barely talk and that's why my vocals are really strained, especially on some songs you can tell the difference. Also, there's a comment on the Erie show. Our at the time guitar player did steal a dual rectifier head. I did the next day, unlike the comment said, call Dave Steele and tell him who had it and made Aaron send it back. He said we all played dumb. I realized after we got back to town and tried to resolve the problem asap. I had no part in it. That was why the second Morning Again broke up, because I knew Aaron ruined the name. I would like the air cleared on that. I don't want the Erie kids to think I would support something like that."

If you would to go back and read the interview with John, you can do so by clicking here.

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Lambgoat just announced that Southern California's Adamantium will be playing a few shows this summer. No dates are confirmed yet but here's the info so far:

"Southern California hardcore band Adamantium, who broke up in 2001, will apparently play two reunion shows this spring (dates and venues have yet to be confirmed). Guitarist Dan Sena sent us the following:

"After 10 years, we have decided to do a couple reunion shows tentatively planned for the spring time. Two shows - one in Orange County and the other in Los Angeles. When and where will be announced in the coming months."

After breaking up, Adamantium members went on to appear in such bands as The Hope Conspiracy, Eighteen Visions, A Static Lullaby, and Bullet Train To Vegas.

For further updates, you can monitor the group's Facebook"
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Tickets go on sale this Saturday, January 22, at 12:00 PM PST! More details coming soon!

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"I'm The One" at House of Blues in Anaheim, CA on 9/28/10

"Her Black Wings" at The Slidebar in Fullerton, CA on 12/23/10

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While technically not a 90s hardcore post, I felt that it was 90s related in that Seventh Dagger is donating money to RAINN (Rape And Incest National Network). If you preorder the new Barcadia record, $1 from each sale is being donated to RAINN. This idea was commonplace in the 90s where many bands, label, zines and companies worked with different shelters and non-profit organizations. You can preorder the record here:

Barcadia Presale with $1 being donated to RAINN

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Universal Order of Armageddon 2011 U.S. tour dates

01.20.11 - Baltimore, MD at Sonar w/ Oak, Regents and The Gift
01.21.11 - New York, NY at Cake Shop w/ The Body and Orphan
01.22.11 - Brooklyn, NY at Death By Audio w/ Fight Amp and Trophy Wife
01.23.11 - Philadelphia, PA at Kung Fu Necktie w/ Fight Amp and Trophy Wife

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Kiss It Goodbye recorded this 4 track demo tape in 1997 before they all made the long move to Seattle, WA, from NYC. Three of these songs would be re-recorded later in the year during the "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not" sessions, although Target Practice was held back and eventually released on a 7" by Revelation a little bit after the LP came out.

Kiss It Goodbye - Be Afraid [demo]
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A few years back, I knew a guy that had been recording audio at shows for many years, and he had a serious stock pile of tapes that he had recorded. One day, he brought me a cd with this live Chokehold set from a club called Durruti Column in Dallas, TX. This isn't soundboard quality, but sounds pretty good for being an audience recording.

Chokehold - Dallas, TX [8/6/94]

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Here it is. The infamous interview that caused a huge uproar in the scene. Some thought it was funny, some hated it and still some others just saw it for what it was: a joke. The interview is not to be taken seriously so please read with tongue firmly inserted inside your cheek. Josh was nice enough to scan the original article for us as well as give us a look back on how he feels now about the interview. Here's what he had to say:

"I'm not all that proud of this to be honest. I wrote it when i was 19 and I thought it was hilarious back then in 1993, but looking back on it, it's just kinda mean. Ha Ha. No wonder Rob Fish, Vic Dicara, Steve Reddy, and everyone else wanted to beat me up. What did I even KNOW about Krsna back then? What I learned from Shelter albums? Seriously uneducated about it. Granted, the 36 year old me still hates all religions and think (know) they are the root of all wars, but you gotta respect whatever makes people happy right? As long as you aren't killing anyone or impeding on anyone else's rights, more power to ya."

This "interview" was original printed in Trustkill Zine #2, 1993. I've also included a download of the interview in pdf format if you prefer reading it that way. Big thanks to Josh for scanning this and allowing us to post it.

Krishna Interview - Trustkill Zine #2, 1993

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In 1996, 108 decided to call it a day and embarked on a US tour and a European tour. Evan Jacobs, brother of our own Andy Jacks, was there to document the tour and the video was released via Equal Vision Records. Out of print for years, I had never actually seen the video until recently. Then my friend Geoff Mitchell of the band Deathbed posted up that it was on Google Video. Granted, the transfer is not that great and the sound is a little low but you get the idea. If anyone from Equal Vision or 108 has a problem with this being posted, please let me know and Ill be happy to take it down (this is not my upload). Enjoy!

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Something that most places outside of Florida did was the Sunday matinee. Most people will think of CBGB's and their Sunday Hardcore Matinees of the late 80s. Our generation will think of the Syracuse Sunday Matinees (often booked by John McKaig) and the amazing amount of bands that would trek to play them. Last year, JD sent me a small box of laminates from tours he was on as well as the old Sunday Matinees and various Hellfests. I finally got around to scanning them so here you go...amazing is an understatement. South Florida did get that Agnostic Front tour with Where Fear and Weapons Meet opening. Also, the Hellfest 2001 laminate is missing various bands including my old band Destro, One Nation Under, Bleeding Through and Earth Crisis, the fest headliner and their last show (at the time). Still a nice look back...

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I received an email from Derek Morse letting me know that he and Rachel Rosen from Most Precious Blood have launched a record label and will release the vinyl version of the new MPB full length. Here's what they had to say:

Most Precious Blood - On Their Own Terms
MorseCode Recordings is a new record label based out of central NJ owned by Derek A Morse & Rachel Rosen from Most Precious Blood / Indecision / the Wage of Sin. Rachel and I started the label to give back to a music scene that saved the both of our lives. We also produce and release movies and as well as production for music videos for various bands done under We have several releases coming out in the next couple of months. Most Precious Blood – Do Not Resuscitate limited colored Vinyl will be out at the end of January. The May 4th Massacre - All Guilty debut full length is coming out in February. Demos from the band can be heard here: The May 4th Massacre. Members of May4th Massacre include the sons of Josh and Nate of Boy Sets Fire and are based out of Delaware. The long awaited Indecision Documentary DVD will be out in April. In the meantime, teasers for the documentary are posted on youtube.

We are also opening a recording studio with Chris Ross (Torchbearer / Nora) & Chris Pierce - (Doc Hopper / Deadguy) who has manned the controls for such projects as The Ergs!, East West Blast Test, Isuki and Gridlink on Hydrahead records, the remastering of the Rorschach albums, and various other project over the last 14 years of Pierce's recording career. The studio will be located in Rahway, NJ and open in the next two months. We also have CD/DVD duplication capabilities that can handle any size run.
Derek commented “ owning a studio has been a dream of mine since I was young and held my first record.” Rachel also owns Caninus Collars ( in association with Caninus, the pitbull fronted grindcore band and side project of Most Precious Blood.
It's time that people who have been playing in bands in the HC scene for a long time to take control back of things here in NJ.

Most Precious Blood -DNR VINYL PRE ORDER

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Here's possibly the first band from the Czech Republic on xStuck In The Pastx. Ember was a short-lived band from the Czech Republic in the mid '90s. They released only 2 records that I know of, but both are pretty good and worthwhile. Here's the first, the 'One Cell Will Become Two' MCD which was released on Day After Records, also out of the Czech Republic, in 1995. Great '90s new school hardcore/emocore (when it wasn't a 'dirty' word). In 1997 they released a full-length called 'Seven Samurai', also on Day After Records, which I can also recommend. This band shared some members with Lvmen, a band that is still active, but sounds nothing like Ember, they have a more heavy post-hardcore sound, also pretty good. Anyways, this MCD came in a cardboard slipcase and as you can see I've played it quite a bunch, the slipcase has got some wear and tear to it. It was also released on 7" btw. Enjoy!

Ember - One Cell Will Become Two MCD

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Evan Jacobs' commentary on the film:

When I set out to make ORANGE COUNTY HARDCORE SCENESTER, my film that chronicles the Orange County, CA hardcore scene from 1990-1997, I knew that it would be a long road. I knew I would have to gather a lot of video, a lot of pictures, and I would need to go through as much of it as possible. The film that inspired the style of ORANGE COUNTY HARDCORE SCENESTER was the documentary on producer Robert Evans titled THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE.

I first saw that film on date with a girl in 2002. I thought it was good but since the girl and I were in the process of not seeing each other any more, my mind was obviously not 100% on the movie. A few years later, Dan O'Mahony was taking up residence in a hotel and he had the benefit of not working and access to many channels of cable TV. Dan watched THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE numerous times and one day simply stated, "It's a great film… but all it is is pictures and video."

As someone who loves movies that tell stories minimally, I went to Blockbuster and bought the film. I watched it numerous times and when it finally came time to make ORANGE COUNTY HARDCORE SCENESTER, (something that Dan actually suggested I do before he saw THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE) I used the story of Robert Evans as my guide. Well, to be honest, I also had the documentary WELCOME TO DEATH ROW in the back of my mind as well.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the first 7 minutes of ORANGE COUNTY HARDCORE SCENESTER. The film is done for now. I am in the process of setting up a bunch of screenings and submitting it to festivals. If you want it to play at a local record store or some place near you... please get in touch.


Evan Jacobs

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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A couple of weeks ago, Josh Trustkill tweeted something about going to a show the night before and noticing that all the boys looked like girls. I @ replied him and told him it was partially his fault, for signing some of the bands he did.
Before the major hits of 2000 that Trustkill dropped (The Opposite Of December..., The Bound Feed The Gagged, and Until the Ink Runs Out), they were already giving us the heaviest bands that hardcore had to offer. This postcard was to advertise three releases that really helped shape hardcore, but maybe aren't as talked about as they should be. Three splits, six of the best hardcore bands from the 90s.

Some interesting things about this card:
1. the Shai Hulud/ Another Victim split is listed as a 7". Maybe that was before the highly questionable punk rock covers were thrown on. Also, the AV cover of "boiling point" is FUCKING AWESOME
2.the Race Traitor/ Burn It Down split isnt listed for vinyl, but Goodlife did indeed release the 12" version.
3. the Disembodied/ BK split is listed as a 10", but came out as a 12". the colored vinyl version is one of the only Disembodied records that i dont own (holler at me)
4. the TK address is still in NJ, before his move to the 90s hardcore mecca of Syracuse.

did anyone actually fill this out and send it?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

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The year has come and gone and here we are in 2011. We want to thank all of you for your continued support as we head into yet another year. Here are the Top Ten lists of the releases we enjoyed this past year. Jav hasn't had much time to listen to anything nor write up a list as he celebrated the birth of his second child two weeks ago so this will just be the four of us. Again, thank you so much for all of your support and we hope to continue bringing you the best hardcore the 90s had to offer in 2011.

EDIT: Jav was able to finish his list so it was added as well.

1. Bitter End - Guilty as Charged (Deathwish Inc)
2. Abandon - The Death Of Urgency (Catalyst Records)
3. All Out War - Into The Killing Fields (Victory Records)
4. Loyal To The Grave - Koba vocal Demo (self released)
5. Asobi Seksu - Fluorescence (Poly Vinyl)
6. Distressed - What's Been Handed To Us (self released)
7. Floorpunch - New Jersey (Six Feet Under Records)
8. America's Hardcore Compilation (Triple B Records)
9. Disembodied - Psalms of Sheol (Prime Directive Records)
10. Integrity - The Blackest Curse (Deathwish Inc)

1. Run With The Hunted - s/t (Panic Records)
2. Misery Index - Heirs To Thievery (Relapse Records)
3. Watain - Lawless Darkness (Season of Mist)
4. Sick Of It All - Based On A True Story (Century Media)
5. Incendiary / Suburban Scum - split 7" (Mayfly Records)
6. Neil Young - Le Noise (Reprise Records)
7. Starkweather - This Sheltering Night (Deathwish)
8. Convulsions - The Reaper's Gift 7" (Glory Kid Records)
9. All Out War - Into The Killing Fields
10. Pantera - Cowboys From Hell [the demos] (Atco/Rhino)

1. The Beatles - 1967-1970 CD remaster
2. Both Hands Broken - April 1994 practice tape
3. Tron Legacy soundtrack
4. Disembodied - Psalms Of Sheol LP
5. Disembodied - Psalms Of Sheol CD
6. Frank Zappa - "Congress Shall Make No Law..." CD
7. Your Favorite Trainwreck/Communication Redlight split 7"
8. Triggerman - Dead Wait demo
9. The Killing Flame - Save Yourself
10. Remission - "Winds Of Promise" mp3

1. Ceremony - Rohnert Park
2.Lighthouse Project - Atonement
3. Starkweather - This Sheltering Night
4. Nails - Unsilent Death
5. True Colors - Consider It Done
6. More Than Life - Love Let Me Go
7. Alpha & Omega - Life Swallower
8. Mihoen / Seein' Red - split
9. xAbolitionx - In The Grasp Of Tyrants
10. V/A - Fuck Rock: ABC No Rio NYC 1991

1. 7.17 compilation
2. Integrity- vve are the end
3. gehenna- splits with california love and blind to faith
4. disembodied- psalms of sheol lp
5. rot in hell- split with wayfarer
6. integrity- twft reissue
7. low places- s/t
8. nails- unsilent death
9. ceremony- rohnert park
10. terror- keepers of the faith