Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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A couple of weeks ago, Josh Trustkill tweeted something about going to a show the night before and noticing that all the boys looked like girls. I @ replied him and told him it was partially his fault, for signing some of the bands he did.
Before the major hits of 2000 that Trustkill dropped (The Opposite Of December..., The Bound Feed The Gagged, and Until the Ink Runs Out), they were already giving us the heaviest bands that hardcore had to offer. This postcard was to advertise three releases that really helped shape hardcore, but maybe aren't as talked about as they should be. Three splits, six of the best hardcore bands from the 90s.

Some interesting things about this card:
1. the Shai Hulud/ Another Victim split is listed as a 7". Maybe that was before the highly questionable punk rock covers were thrown on. Also, the AV cover of "boiling point" is FUCKING AWESOME
2.the Race Traitor/ Burn It Down split isnt listed for vinyl, but Goodlife did indeed release the 12" version.
3. the Disembodied/ BK split is listed as a 10", but came out as a 12". the colored vinyl version is one of the only Disembodied records that i dont own (holler at me)
4. the TK address is still in NJ, before his move to the 90s hardcore mecca of Syracuse.

did anyone actually fill this out and send it?


Guav said...

Josh never used a Syracuse address, he always used the Farm Edge address (his parents house). At the time this postcard was made, he was in Syracuse.

Karol said...

Thanks! I will print the card and send it to Josh Trustkill, with greetings and best wishes for Bullet Tooth ;)

JoshGrabelle said...

Ha! Was about to say something about that. Yeah, never used a Syracuse address cuz I lived in dorm rooms for 8 months at a time. As of 1996 I had lived there for 4 years already.

Nick said...

i have the disembodied split in colored vinyl...you can find it for cheap (10/15 euro i think) through good life records in belgium.