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Rich and I had been trying to coordinate schedules for quite some time to finish up this interview. We finally we're able to get down and finish it so here we have the final part of my 4 part interview with Rich Thurston. Thanks for your patience. Again, I want to preface this by stating that the opinions expressed belong to Rich and do not reflect Stuck In The Past as a whole.

Stuck In The Past: How did you end up joining Terror?

Rich Thurston: Well I had known Scott Vogel for years and years. Culture played a bunch of shows with Despair. I almost joined Despair right after I was "relieved" of my duties in Culture. Ha. Anyways...I was playing in One Nation Under and we played Hellfest with Terror that year. I was blown away. Later on, ONU played Furnace Fest with Terror again. I was already just about done with ONU so I was just talking to Scott about it. He told me they were about to need a new bass player. The rest is history.

Stuck In The Past: Did you move out to LA or were you commuting?

Rich: I would meet them at the beginning of tours in certain cities, Kansas City or somewhere. I had plans to move out there after we did the Reach the Sky final show.

Stuck In The Past: But you didn't?

Rich: Todd Jones and I started butting heads. He was very hard to be in a band with. I eventually couldn't keep my mouth shut about it. Finally it was him or me and since he wrote all the music it was me.

Stuck In The Past: How long were you in the band then?

Rich: Like 6 months maybe. I recorded the Lowest Of The Low CD which is by far the bands best shit. I loved that band. It was an amazing time. I was crushed when I was done. It hurt but such is life

Stuck In The Past: Are you still friendly with any of the guys in the band?

Rich: Well I was accepted as friends on facebook with Scott and nick so in cyber world yes. Ha. I haven't talked to any of them in years.

Stuck In The Past: So what did you do after Terror? Did you work on any projects?

Rich: Yeah. I started Still Crossed immediately after

Stuck In The Past: You did the full length on Indecision?

Rich: Yeah. I had a great time writing and playing that music. It was a lot of fun. Like all good things it came to an end

Stuck In The Past: Were you just over playing in the band? Just not into anymore?

Rich: Well during that band I was in Courage Crew. For those that don't know what that is it, is a SxE Crew here in Ohio and in other parts of the country. Well I had been drifting apart from them. Just didn't have the same thought process anymore. Eventually I was kicked out so to speak. That put a lot of stress on the rest of the band. I was getting threatened and all that. I went to Europe with Walls Of Jericho to be their fill in bass player and while I was gone, the band kicked me out. It was a bitch move but I guess I don't blame them.

Stuck In The Past: Did you ever patch things up with the Courage Crew guys or are you still at odds?

Rich: Its always a crap shoot. Ha. Sometimes its fine, sometimes I hear its not. I don't care either way. I am 37... 38 in January. Its been like 6 years or something. It makes no difference to me whatsoever.

Stuck In The Past: So what are you up to now?

Rich: Well..... Once I got back from Europe I started taking Jiu Jitsu. Then I got into Muay Thai. I have been fighting since 2003. I teach Muay Thai here in Cincinnati at JG MMA ACADEMY. I love it.

Stuck In The Past: Do you compete professionally?

Rich: Yes sir. I am 1-1 as a pro. I teach a lot more then fight now. I am getting older and its not so much a priority anymore. Although... I am possibly fighting a Muay Thai fight in Paris, France and London, England.

Stuck In The Past: Wow, that's awesome.

Rich: Yeah... I got a few left in me. Might as well make them memorable and travel a little bit.

Stuck In The Past: So are you doing anything musically now?

Rich: I still write. I am planning on recording some stuff soon. It will see the light of day. I have been friends with Mr. Eulogy John Wylie for a very long time. I had a heart to heart with him recently. I think, as long as he likes it, it may be out on Eulogy

Stuck In The Past: Very cool. You had mentioned a project you were working on with Damien...

Rich: Yeah. He's a bitch and backed out. Ha Ha Ha. No he is just real busy I guess. I had hoped to do it with him because he hands down still has one of the best HXC vocals of all time. When he sang Culture's "Deforestation" I shit my pants.

Stuck In The Past: I really hope that happens...I would love to hear how that would have come out.

Rich: Get on his ass about it. I mean I am writing all the music and recording it. All he has to do is lay vocals.

Stuck In The Past: haha Ill get in touch with him. Okay lets get a little general...what are you top 5 favorite hardcore records.

Rich: Top five records or top five bands?

Stuck In The Past: Let's do bands.

Rich: Ok. 1. Gorilla Biscuits 2. Judge 3. Cro Mags 4. Dag Nasty 5. Minor Threat. To be honest so many bands can fit in that category but Gorilla Biscuits is always #1.

Stuck In The Past: Okay how what about 90s bands?

Rich: Earth Crisis.... Chokehold.... Buried Alive.... Strife (before... well you know)... Snapcase...again so many fall into that category.... EXC is probably the most influential to me personally.

Stuck In The Past: Thats a good list. Buried Alive is still my favorite Scott Vogel band

Rich: Terror take it for me but damn it when I got that Buried Alive demo tape I fucking shit myself.

Stuck In The Past: Yup. So aggressive and angry.

Rich: I was almost in that band too. Ha

Stuck In The Past: I notice and continue streak of "almosts".

Rich: Yeah... I have been in a lot of important bands and almost in just as many ha

Stuck In The Past: Well its nice to know that people at least thought about asking if you'd be interested in helping out.

Rich: Yeah. I made a lot of friends in the last 20 years. Some I still talk to some I haven't in years. Lots of great great times and memories, some shitty ones too. The Hardcore scene is so fragile and fickle at times

On a final note, Rich had this to say:

So I have written this thing a few times now. Each time I think I covered everything and then I read it only to find holes that need filled. This time around I just decided to write what I am feeling. I don’t think it has to be in any type of order or anything to get my point across. Hardcore is my life. For over two decades now hardcore has played a crucial roll. It has allowed me to see the world and meet some amazing… and not so amazing people. It has taught me lessons and shown me beautiful things. I remember my first show like it was yesterday. 1988… Cameo Theater Miami Beach, FL. GBH and The Exploited. I was petrified and stoked at the same time. I was hooked. Second show…. Same place… Cro Mags. I have seen so many shows that trying to remember them all would be futile. Some of the most memorable would be Shelter at Washington Square, SOIA and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones also at Washington Square. I remember all the people from South Florida that were around when I was coming up. Some I haven’t spoken to in years. It hurts my heart to think back sometimes. I miss it so much. Some of you may ask… why interview this asshole? I’m sure plenty of you either don’t know who I am and could give a fuck for that matter. Some of you have heard rumors… others were there. I’m not writing this for any of you. It’s for me. I needed to do this. Hardcore music and the hardcore scene has given me great joy and shown me humiliation over the years. On the flip side of that, I feel like not only myself but the bands I was involved with had a very huge impact on not only the South Florida scene but the US and European scenes as well. There would be no Morning Again if Culture didn’t happen first. There would be no “24” if Culture didn’t happen first. I feel to this day that Culture, along with a few other bands, paved the way for a lot of “metalcore” bands. I am very proud of that. I am extremely pleased something I felt so strongly about and put so much effort into found so many kids. That’s the biggest thing I think that has changed. Hardcore used to be so personal. Face to face. I remember checking the mail everyday for that new shirt or package of records. It gave you a sense of pride walking around in your new Judge or Slapshot shirt. It was like you were part of something bigger. You were separated from the masses. It was yours and it was special. Now you have Hot Topic selling sxe t shirts and 15 year old kids wearing Black Flag belt buckles. It’s disgusting. We are all at fault for letting it slip away. If you are over the age of 30 and still into it… shame on you. Shame on me. I remember sitting at Kinko’s until 4 am cutting and pasting some shitty zine together with my friend Anthony. It was such a gratifying feeling. Now you can click your fucking mouse and find out anything you want to know about any band anywhere. More importantly any keyboard warrior can make up anything they want to and for some reason people believe it. Its crazy. The personalization of it is gone. I might be jumping from topic to topic but I got a lot on my mind. Now I’m not gonna sit here and give you this image of unity and togetherness. I have witnessed and partaken in some fucked up shit over the years. I am not proud of some of the things I have done. I feel like an apology is long over due. I don’t think it will change anything but I know I am a different person today… a much better person today… because of some of the horrible decisions I made in the past, I lost some good people in my life and missed out on some amazing opportunities. Those are things I have to deal with. I still write and play music but its for me now. I still need the outlet. I still have things to say. I got some new stuff in the works that John Wylie and I have discussed. I am hoping it sees the light of day soon. I guess what I want people that read this to know is remember who you are and what got you there. The good, the bad and the ugly. I would like to thank Gorilla Biscuits for changing my life. I would like to thank South Florida Hardcore for the memories. This “manifesto” could go on and on but I’m sure you are over reading anymore. I will leave you with this…. “Look at the person next you. That’s the person you will be punching in the face during this next song.” Jamie Jasta.



Chip this is your best post so far. i mean that interview touched me.especially the last few word Rich wrote.We all wish our younger days back,some more some less but you only have that one time in your life called will never be that again.I dont know if having a family with kids will open up a completely new way of life,but I can tell you that I miss those days.I miss going to record stores (they are all dead now),I miss walking in there buying a record just because I liked the cover without even knowing that band.I miss the chances I didnt take,I wish i would not have made some (stupid) choices that i did.going to concerts to meet the bands snag some merch meet the people who think like you,those were the days. but thats all gone now and you have to live with it and give the rest of your life a meaning.

I love Culture (and yes they were fucking rockstars back then,my friends went to one of their shows and they were stoked for weeks.I didnt even know that he wa in all those bands I loved and still love.
Thank you Rich for making my day with your words.and thanks to you chip for this awesome blog and for giving us old fucks a chance to relive our youth and give younger fucks the opportunity to learn about their roots.

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Richard Noggin FTW!!!

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Good reading, i knew rich when he was in high school and we used to skateboard together and i was a few years younger than him but back then i looked up to the guy. He showed me bands and a scene i didnt know existed.
We used to skate to coral square mall and hang out with his friends, built a quarter pipe and a rail slide and just had fun, i remember he worked at publix for a short time and me and my grand ma would see him and at that time he already was learning to play bass but he was also saving up to buy drums. I moved away in 1988 and lost contact with the big guy and one day last year i happened to see that he was in all these bands and it made sense because i knew how much he cared about hardcore music.

He accepted my facebook friend request and its awsome to see hes into mma and has a nice family. I sent him a few private messages but he didnt respond to them, i guess hes really busy or maybe forgot who i am. Anyay if it wasnt for big rich i never would have heard the cromags and so many other awsome bands.

Anthony Conte said...

Awesome! Thanks for bringing back the good memories.

Anonymous said...

Rich Thurston can't fight MMA at all, why is he teaching? He is a fat fuck who thinks he got skills. Wasted your time interviewing this fool.

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fuck nowadays. am over 30 and felt the same, even here in europe, where it spread some years later. hardcore changed my life. xxx true till death