Monday, January 24, 2011

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The other day, I was editing the final part of my interview with Rich Thurston (expect that in the next few days) when I received a message from Kevin. He told me that he had just read my interview with John Wylie and he wanted to address two topics. One, the subject of an alternate recording of "As Tradition Dies Slowly" and two, a comment made by one of our followers regarding the second Morning Again lineup and a stolen amp. Here's what he had to say:

"There was a first recording of "As Tradition...", recorded before a Euro trip. John thought the recording was too fast so we re-recorded it after the tour. I was sick on the record, could barely talk and that's why my vocals are really strained, especially on some songs you can tell the difference. Also, there's a comment on the Erie show. Our at the time guitar player did steal a dual rectifier head. I did the next day, unlike the comment said, call Dave Steele and tell him who had it and made Aaron send it back. He said we all played dumb. I realized after we got back to town and tried to resolve the problem asap. I had no part in it. That was why the second Morning Again broke up, because I knew Aaron ruined the name. I would like the air cleared on that. I don't want the Erie kids to think I would support something like that."

If you would to go back and read the interview with John, you can do so by clicking here.