Monday, March 16, 2009

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If you went to Hellfest 2001, there's a good chance you saw some kids dressed as Amish folk moshing. You also may have noticed them selling something next to the Pizza Hut which directly next to the roller rink. They were selling a cassette of their band "Ezekiel 24", the first Amish Straight Edge hardcore band. While they ended up not really being Amish, I bought the cassette and proceeded to go nuts. The music was fast and heavy with 3 singers screaming about killing tourists and stabbing tourists with their pitchforks. The lyrics which have been posted above had great lines like "with your camera you stole my soul, with my pitchfork Ill steal your life". Amazing. I do remember being seriously bummed out when I found out they werent really Amish...rumor had it that Eulogy would have signed them if they were really Amish.
Anyway, the recording isnt that great, Im not gonna lie. But its defintely listenable and still after all these years I still listen to it pretty regularly. All the scans have been included in the mediafire folder as well. Make sure to read the story about how the band formed...classic.

EDIT: For some reasom I seem to be missing the lyrics to the first track. Ill see if I can find it


Ezekiel 24 - The Edge of the Earth


Anonymous said...

i disagree i thought they were terrible and their outfits were ridiculous as shit in my opinion..

Anonymous said...

Stupid, unfunny concept. They couldn't have really been Amish anyway because don't Amish people separate themselves from modern society and refrain from using, you know... electricity?

Anonymous said...

Once Amish teenagers reach the age of 16, they enter a period of time called Rumspringa. During this time they can venture out into the "English" world and experience things every other American kid experiences. It is during this time that they decide whether to join the Amish church for good or to leave the community behind. There is a documentary called "Devil's Playground" that follows a few Amish teenagers during this time.

Anonymous said...

It's a joke, kids, and a funny one, too. Whatever happened to having a sense of humor?

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to Joe. He has no sense of humor.

AJ said...

I've been looking for this since the Monday I got home from Hell Fest. I meant to buy one but it skipped my mind amongst being at the best show in which I've ever attended.

This is a story that may have been told at some other point, but I will tell it anyhow. If anyone remembers, this is also the same weekend where the huge controversy was going down about whether or not Arkangel was still vegan SxE or not (they obviously ended up not being so). I remember watching the members of Arkangel decide to walk up to the members of Ezekiel 24 in order to try and confront them over them not being a "real Amish band". It was at that point in which a member of Ezekiel 24 told a member of Arkangel that they weren't actually a vegan band and to get the fuck away from him. I still get a chuckle every time I recall the facial expression that the member of Arkangel made as he walked away.

Thanks for posting this ... Hell Fest 2001 ruled. This demo kinda does/kinda doesn't ... but its worth it for the Throwdown/One Nation Under styled intro and story within the lyric book alone.

Unknown said...

Humor left when Pitboss2000 broke up.

Matt said...

hahaha i remember seeing those guys at hellfest in '01. bummed i never bought a demo but i'm glad that now i have the chance to hear it in its entirety.

Anonymous said...

hahaha! amazed that this is on here. i know some of these dudes. ime sure they'd have quite a laugh.

David Agranoff said...

Dude super funny. I used to have a photo of one of the "Amish" kids singing along to Another Victim. I remember that dude was killing it during AV.

We need more joke bands. Well clever ones anyways.

Unknown said...

I thought Shark Punch was rather funny. I mean, if they're serious then, I don't know, but I couldn't take them seriously. Do you have any Sweat Pant Boners?

Anonymous said...

(rob mafia)

hahahahaha. i can't believe this is on here. yeah, this was a total joke. but the real surprise/joke is that people actually liked it/believed it? hahahahahahaha.

AJ said...

You're right, we need more albums suggesting domestic abuse and objectification of women. Long live Pitboss 2000.

I was sooooo surprised when I stumbled upon JLJ doing stand-up "comedy" littered with racism and sexism ... who would've guessed?

Unknown said...

Oh come on, a little humor can't hurt anyone. And by the way, I was being slightly sarcastic. You can't take Pitboss seriously. I should upload some of JLJ's old band that has almost had him shot in Oakland.

Anonymous said...

For edge/scene humor these days I always turn to Cockpunch!

Anonymous said...

I remember this, those kids stayed in character all weekend. I hope they made at least $40 in sales, at least they were smart to sell their shit on the sidewalk and not pay for a table.

I remember being bummed about Arkangel and refusing to watch, but then was happy to hear that some other european guy was heckling them all set. I heard said guy was ejected from the show too bad

Kevin Effigy said...

Glad to finally see this again.I remember one of the kids got beat up pretty badlyl in one of the pits that day. Always wanted to check out the band but never picked up the demo.Thanks!

Rick said...

I can't believe this is on here. I lurk this blog from time to time and this made my day. Some people need a damn sense of humor.
I was one of the small group of people involved in this (the dude mentioned singing along to AV, you can see me singing along here, well at least my hat ).
We had a fucking blast with that weekend. We actually made more than $40. We sold enough to pay for our trip up there. Shocked the shit out of us.
I was the one who said that to Arkangel, dude was bummed haha. Some of the cops on patrol that weekend bought our demos too.
My one friend wrote most of the music and then designed the layout. He printed it at his job which was then in the printing department of the Lancaster, PA Courthouse. He actually plans on re-recording this at some point because it sounds like turds, but this cost us basically nothing to make.
Here's the lyrics from the missing page. I'll try to scan it at some point:
Sermon -
Thus Ezekiel is unto a sign, according to all that he hath done shall ye do. And when this cometh, ye shall know, that I am the lord God.

Ezekiel Stomp (One Room School-House Mosh) -

Fightsnacht Day -
Rise up each morning, before the break of dawn while you all sleep. Must take on duties out on the farm, to try to make ends meet. So why do you choose to disrespect our sacred roles? With no regard for our people, you take our land and build shopping malls.

Polluting our neighborhoods with busloads of staring faces, who all point in awe towards our direction and constantly disgrace us. We pray, but are forced to run astray by the poisoned perrils of a modern day. It's time to take matters into our own hands, and prepare for the battle of Fightsnacht Day!

Make fun of the way we live, make fun of the way we dress, make fun of the way we travel. We've no use for roads, or even gravel. But you still want to take our picture, to stand with your families, can't stand the insanity. We're tired of having to waste our breath, SO PREPARE FOR THE PITCHFORK WAY OF DEATH!

The land and it's crops is the source of our lives. For the sake of close knit family sacrifice. Living just plain and simple is our way. Prepare for the battle of Fightsnacht Day!