Friday, March 20, 2009

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With the reunion of Split Lip/Chamberlain for Burning Fight in Chicago and a few other shows, Doghouse is reissuing "Fate's Got A Driver" on limited vinyl with new artwork and bonus tracks. This is only being issued on vinyl but does include a download code for all the tracks as well bonus songs not included on the re-release. Heres what Doghouse Records has to say about the re-release:

"We are proud to announce the vinyl reissue of Chamberlain's beloved 1996 record Fate's Got A Driver. The long out-of-print LP is being reissued with fully redesigned artwork and five previously unreleased tracks.For those unfamiliar, Chamberlain were one of the most important and influential bands in the underground Midwest music scene. Originally the Indianapolis hardcore band, Split Lip (under who's name the record was initially released), the outfit later decided to change their name to Chamberlain as their sound grew more melodic and mature. Chamberlain has been cited by the likes of Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory and Dashboard Confessional as a major influence. This is an absolute essential album for any vinyl enthusiast or fan of 90s emo or melodic hardcore.You can pre-order the limited edition cream colored vinyl right now. It's safe to say you should probably put a move on it, because there are only 500 copies available of this edition. In celebration of the re-release, Split Lip/Chamberlain will be reuniting for a series of 3 Midwest performances."

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Anonymous said...

The Louisville show on May 1st with Guilt should be absolutely amazing. It's a pretty decent consolation for those of us unable to afford/find tickets to Burning Fight.

rybunal said...

i will be in Louisville and Chicago!

David Agranoff said...

I hate that they say their sound got more "Mature." Whatever.