Monday, March 16, 2009

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This Barrit 7" contains only two songs; Godless Disease, and Transient, which was later re-recorded for the full length that Chip posted last week. It was the first release on Ellington Records. If memory serves me correctly, the guy that ran Ellington became a college professor, and ended up moving to San Francisco from MA. He kept the label running for a short time after his move, but then it seemed to just fade away. I have two copies of this 7" for some reason, although neither of them are on the limited color of red, but one of them has an insert detailing some of the first releases to come out on Ellington:

A very old Barrit website can still be found here.

Barrit - self titled 7"
[1996 - Ellington Records]


Anonymous said...

i have this on red, how limited is it?