Monday, January 14, 2008

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Cabal was a clothing company based out of Syracuse, NY in the 90s. Run by DJ Rose and Guav, they were the IT company for straight edge and vegan kids. Long before the scene was saturated by thousands of clothing companies, DJ and Guav were making these and doing quite well. If you look at almost straight edge or vegan band from the early to late 90s, chances are they were wearing a Cabal shirt. Earth Crisis, being good friends with DJ and Guav, were "sponsored" by Cabal and you can see them wearing their shirts and jerseys in numerous pictures. Its sad to say it...but they dont make em like they used to.


Old Armour. said...

I had the last two items. I got rid of the jersey like 10 years ago, and have since regretted that decision. I made the back of the t-shirt into a patch, and lost it long ago. They did hella special shirts for specific shows, back in the day, like the Earth Crisis record release show one you profiled in another post. Three or four others easily come to mind. I wish I had bought any of them at the time. But, to be honest, back then, I would have bought them in XL and would likely never wear them now.


check the auction of my bro sellin the cabal classic b-ball jersey..