Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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From 1993-1996, Tension was South Florida Straight Edge. They put out 2 great 7 inches and a not so great full length (courtesy of recording). The second 7 inch "The Sickness of Our Age" really reflected the emotion they were feeling at the time. When they went to record, supposedly one of their girlfriends had broken up with them and one of them had been thrown out of their home. You can really feel the power and the frustration...Mike's vocals come off so pissed off something that just didnt carry over to the full length. Unfortunate...anyway, this shirt was printed while they were were on Endless Fight records who originally released the "Sickness of Our Age" before it was re-released on Uprising. I got this off a friend of mine who'd had it for a long time just sitting around. Good score for me. Check out Tension's myspace


xUNBORNx said...

nice shirt. the backprint seems popular in these days. my slugfest sweater has the same comic dude with a tiger on it.
btw: really good blog!

xCHIPxSEM said...

Yeah I agree Sebastian. I think Sick of It All were the ones responsible for bringing Calvin and Hobbes to hardcore...I could be mistaken though. I love that Slugfest design.