Saturday, January 26, 2008

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Friction Burn Fatal
New Age Records reigned supreme in the 90's. Just think about some of the legendary bands that had releases on New Age: Trial, Unbroken, Turning Point, Strife, etc. And even a lot of their lesser known releases were great as well. Case in point, this Grip 7 inch. Although there's some Krishna cheesiness here, and the lyrics leave a little something to be desired, this is a good example of what metallic hardcore was in the early-mid 90s.



I fucking love this record. I posted about the CD EP a few months back, briefly, because I was kind of burnt out at the time so I didn't rave nearly as much as I should have. Grip/Dayspring is probably my favorite local band ever, and I still listen to this stuff all the time to this day. The riffs and overall feeling of the songs is just awesome. Every single song on this EP has a 5-star rating in my iTunes except for "Diffidence" (which is still a good song). This is absolutely an underrated gem, no doubt.

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