Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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Easily in my top 3 hardcore bands of all time. Chokehold were always very confrontational, and that coupled with the fact that they were a straight edge band that didn't dwell on lyrics about straight edge, solidified them as one of my favorites.

Content With Dying
I was always annoyed with the way that the entire LP is one track on the cd, so I uploaded it into Adobe Audition, trimmed out some of the bass, made it a whole lot louder and separated all the songs into separate tracks.

I did the exact same thing with Instilled, as I did with the Content With Dying tracks.

Tooth And Nail
I was never happy with the sound quality of the mp3s that have been floating around the internet for years now, so I finally decided to rip one of my numerous copies, and I think this definitely sounds more true to the actual sound of the vinyl. This was Chokehold's final release.

Comp Tracks
I've also assembled all of the Chokehold compilation tracks that I'm aware of and own. The folder contains the following songs:
Anchor - What Still Holds True comp
Kill Me - Soundtrack To The Revolution comp
We're Not Gonna Take It [Twisted Sister cover] - Sleepless Nights comp
Kickback [Breakdown cover] - Sound And The Fury comp
Nothing [Negative Approach cover] - Reproach comp


xCHIPxSEM said...

What a great first post. I added your page to my links. Wheres my Green Rage??????

Mike said...

Thanks for the Tooth and Nail mp3s. This saves me from having to rip them from the vinyl that I have.

EMS / COREGASM said...

Dude, have you heard their very first 7" "Life Goes On"? woooah... kinda funny. they start it with Nirvana.

Kyle said...

Great post! I wish all this was re-recorded. I hate having to turn my stereo all the way up to hear it haha. Looking forward to more shit. How about some Catharsis ;)

Cheesegrater said...

Great blog. I'm doing something similar over here:

Mefisto Satano said...

Hi, great blog, you have a lot of rare material here, thanks for posting it.
PS: the "comp tracks" file is not available.

zyklonshaggy said...

do you happen to know where the samples from content with dying are from?

xlukex said...

does anyone know what year and on what label the Sleepless Nights comp appeared?

xlukex said...

...and isn't that Twisted Sister cover the last track on Prison of Hope?