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Buske just hit me up to let me know that the Another Victim merch that was sold on their Japan trip is now available through Merchnow. Limited sizes are left so get on it. Oh did I mention, these were printed by Cabal?

Another Victim - Leftover Japan Tour Merch Now Available

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Starting this weekend, my contributions will be minimal if at all as I will be finally getting married on Saturday which will be followed by my honeymoon. I should have computer access while Im gone so if you need to get in touch, I should be able to respond. Ill be back on November 8th so all regular posting will resume on my end. Thanks to everyone who checks us regularly and continues to support us.

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1. Sick Of It All - As One (Warzone)
2. Bold - Searchin' For The Light (Supertouch)
3. Damnation A.D. - Hold Your Ground (Gorilla Biscuits)
4. Terror - Friends (Side By Side)
5. Triple Threat - Without A Reason (No For An Answer)
6. Backlash - Wise Up (Bold)
7. Death By Stereo - Break Down The Walls (Youth Of Today)
8. ON - Through These Eyes (Chain Of Strengty)
9. Ambitions - Running Like Thieves (Bold)
10. Set Your Goals - Forgotten (Gorilla Biscuits)
11. Down To Nothing - Where It Went (Judge)
12. Ignite - Disengage (Youth Of Today)
13. The Twilight Transmission - Clean Slate (Quicksand)
14. Countdown To Life - Burning Fight (Inside Out)
15. Capital - Out Of Time (Burn)
16. The Mediam - Et Tu Brute (Civ) (CD only bonus track)
17. This Is Hell - Do Something (Civ)
18. Mikoto - Back And To The Left (Texas Is The Reason)
19. Good Clean Fun - No More (Youth Of Today) (CD only bonus track)
20. The Scare - Brand New Place (Battery) (CD only bonus track)
21. This Is Hell - I Hope You Die Soon (The Movielife) (CD only bonus track)
22. Ignite The Will - For The World (Shai Hulud) (CD only bonus track)
23. Walter Schreifels - Pushed Too Far/Friends Like You (Sick Of It All)

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The website, Metal Sucks, has posted a live video of Disembodied playing a BRAND NEW SONG!!! This will no doubt be on their upcoming album to be released by Good Fight Music supposedly next year. Definitely into it. Check it out!!!

Disembodied debuts a new song

*Photo by Adam Bubolz

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From the promoters:

"Well, as everyone by now has heard, ATWR is no longer happening. No one is more disappointed than Darrin and myself. The venue raised their price and it was just going to be too much. We both scrambled to find another venue in the DC/MD/VA area but we had no luck. All we can say is sorry. It sucks. We tried everything we could to make it work. Months of planning down the drain. Refunds will start going out soon as we need some deposits to come back to us. Again, sorry it could not work out."

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After Chip posted Timebomb's first full-length which was requested, I figured I'd post Timebomb's first 7", called 'Fury'. It was released on SOA Records out of Italy in 1993, the same label that released the aforementioned 'Hymns...' album a couple of years later. It features 6 of the earliest Timebomb songs, from 1990 up to 1993, tho the insert says they were all (re-)recorded for this 7" in 1993. You can definitely tell Timebomb was still trying to find their own sound, trying to play heavy metallic hardcore but still rooted way more in hardcore than the metal they would player later on. The vocals were already pretty deep and rough, similar to, but not as powerful as, Jason from Unconquered, as Chip mentioned in his post. Anyways, it's definitely far from a great 7", it's actually pretty bad, but hey, someone requested Timebomb, so here you go!

Anyways, they were already pretty outspoken veggie/vegan sXe communists at the time, as can be read in the essay included with this 7", which was written by their singer at the time, Giorgio. And for those who are interested, here's an old interview my old buddy Panos 'Nahitfol' did with Timebomb some time in the late '90s in which bass-player Simone from Timebomb calls this 7" 'probably one of the worst records of all ages'. If that doesn't make you want to download this 7", I don't know what will...

Timebomb - Fury 7"
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Pressing info from the REACT! Records website:

The pressing info is 200 on BABY BLUE, 300 on CLEAR BLUE, and 400 on BLACK, and all copies will come with a free digital download and will contain all the extras that we always throw in.

All orders will receive the most limited color available at the time the order is placed, and if you order multiple copies you will receive an equal distribution of each color that is still available at the time of your order. Please don't specify what color you want, you'll absolutely get the most limited color that's still available when we receive your order.

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Been trying to fill some of these requests so here we are with Timebomb's "Hymns For A Decaying Empire" as requested by reader "Dexit". 9 songs from this Italian band who would go on to release another full length after this. While not the best in the genre, they definitely were a good band. I've been trying to place the vocal style but I just can't put my finger on it. Maybe it reminds me of Jason from Unconquered...I can't tell. At times its very heavy on the chugs but then it breaks into some death metal influenced hardcore. Definitely worth checking out. If anyone can find me a copy of this on CD for under $100 that I've seen it listed for, I'd appreciate it.

Timebomb - Hymns For A Decaying Empire

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From the Panic Records site:

"We've got a couple different package options going for this one, check them out when you get the chance. The collector pack comes with a special 7" that's limited to 100 copies only and the collector pack will also enter you into a raffle to get 1 of 5 test presses for the record that we will be inserting into the collector pack preorders. We'll also be throwing in 1 of 5 test presses for the limited 7" into those collector packs. Other packages include a new Run With The Hunted T-Shirt and Zip Up Hoodie. Hit up our webstore to get all the details about the preorders."

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Headfirst - Back In Control EP [1989 - Workshed Records]

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When First Blood burst onto the scene in 2002 with their demo, they quickly became the talk of the hardcore world especially since they featured members of Sworn Vengeance, a late 90s favorite. Fast and heavy hardcore, pseudo-straight edge lyrics and heavy breakdowns. The band's demo became well circulated and kids were foaming at the mouth to see the band live. Then...members joined Terror and the band lay dormant with the occasional show including a killer performance at Hellfest. Eventually they recorded tracks for a split with Blacklisted on Deathwish Inc. before signing to Trustkill Records to release their full length, "Killafornia". Carl, vocals, quit Terror to focus on First Blood first time but Doug, guitar, stayed with Terror. The full length felt like they picked the best songs from the demo, re-recorded them and added some filler. Overall, I felt disappointed with it since the demo had been so good.
So now we fast forward four years and we have a new First Blood record on a new label (well techinically new), Bullet Tooth. Was I skeptical? Sure, I wasn't exactly happy with the last record but I chose to go into this new record without any expectations and I was thoroughly surprised because First Blood has written a good hardcore record. The band chose to go a different route and leave lots of the crap at home this time and write relatively short, fast hardcore songs (with the exception of 1 song) with plenty of sing-a-longs and breakdowns. While the band still has a strong Machine Head (Burn My Eyes-era) influence, the band brings in a good NYHC feel at times. Good use of double bass while not overdoing it. I have to emphasize the importance of writing relatively short songs on this record. In this genre, when a band writes 4 minute plus songs, jamming 16 breakdowns in each song it starts to get repetitive and I as a listener begins to lose interest. First Blood chooses to forgo this and write songs that are straight to the point without the filler. Plenty of sing-a-longs that are reminiscent to early Sick Of It All in that it sounds like there's a hundred people in the booth doing backups. Carl's voice has gotten much better since the last release. On the last record, it sounded like he was screaming from throat as opposed to his stomach but this time it sounds the opposite.
While I did enjoy the record, I do have a couple of gripes including the excessive use of samples. The band is emphasizing a political message with this record and during, before and after many of the songs they chose to include samples of news reports and political discussions. While this works on a few occasions, it feels like overkill at times. I do not have a lyrics sheet so its possible that all of the samples relate to the songs but I couldn't tell you for sure. The recording overall is very good but I feel like the guitar tone is a little thin. I know that the bass is supposed to make up for the low end but I feel like the guitars should bring in some as well. A good example is Martyr AD of how the guitars brought in a good amount of low end. Very small issues with an overall great record that I plan on picking up (yes, a CD copy) upon release date.
The bottom line is that First Blood went back to the drawing board and re-wrote their formula for hardcore. The band showed that they have staying power, shaking off the "sophomore slump" and releasing a great record.

The record will be available November 9, 2010 through Bullet Tooth Records. For now, you can preview a couple of new songs by click here: First Blood on Myspace
To pre-order the album on either CD or vinyl, click here: First Blood - Silence Is Betrayal
For a digitial release of the record, click here: First Blood - Silence Is Betrayal (Digital)

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Another request. I got this 3xCD compilation in the mail just yesterday, and I figured I'd up it asap. This is the 3rd and final installment of East Coast Assault compilations that Too Damn Hype Records released. The previous 2 East Coast Assault compilations have been posted here and here, and the Japanese version which combines ECA 1 & ECA 2 was posted recently by Chip, here. So yeah, we dig these East Coast Assault compilations! Here's ECA 3, which was released in 2000. There are 75 bands on this compilation, doing one song each. Some well-known names here (Brother's Keeper, Most Precious Blood, Blood Has Been Shed, Unearth), some not so well-known (Kurt Kokaine & The White Trash Jihad... seriously?!)... There's bound to be more than a few tracks on here you'll enjoy if you're into the harder stuff, which is what this comp is about for the most part. So check it out!

I've separated the downloads, one for each CD, and included scans with all of them.

East Coast Assault III CD 1
East Coast Assault III CD 2
East Coast Assault III CD 3

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This is an interesting questionnaire that was included on the back side of a Revelation Records mail order form from 1994. Some of the questions are pretty cheesy, and i wonder if the lure of a free sticker really enticed anybody?
Kinda bummed that I missed out on an embroidered Into Another beanie or a Statue longsleeve.
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My buddy Geoff from Atlanta asked me to write a guest spot for his blog, Don't Forget The Shirts. This looks like possibly a weekly thing so check out what I wrote about one of my favorite Buried Alive shirts

Chip Guest Spots On Don't Forget The Shirts

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Norway's hardcore machine, Lash Out, has announced plans for a reunion show with Integrity in January 2011. The band has also announced plans for the release of a "new" album which is actually an unreleased album that was recorded in 1998 called "The Judas Breed". This will be a 2xCD as well as a 32 page booklet. Here's a statement from the band regarding the show and the upcoming release:

"Right, it's official. LASH OUT has been offered to play a one-off show with US hardcore legend INTEGRITY in Oslo the 15th of january 2010 at club Elm Street. The club houses 250 people only, so be fast. Norwegian nekromantik newcomers OKKULTOKRATI will also play at the show.
The Judas Breed record will finally be unleashed upon mankind on Get By Records on 2xCD digipack with a 32-page uncoated booklet. Hopefully this will happen for the show and includes The Darkest Hour and Worn Path 12"/MCDs, demoes, The Unloved & Hated 7", the split 7" with swedish Burst, the split CD with Norwegian Ambition and finally The Judas Breed(Footnote: This is not a complete discography) album recorded back in 1998 which never saw the light of day - until now."

Pretty exciting stuff. I hope this makes up for my leaving the band off of my European Hardcore post last year. The band also has a Facebook page which seems to be updated a little more often than the Myspace page so check it out and keep up with whats happening with the band.

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Sean from Youngblood Records is holding the annual Youngblood Records showcase on October 23rd in Baltimore. The lineup is as follows:

Youngblood Records Showcase 2010
Saturday, October 23rd
at Charm City Art Space
1729 Maryland Avenue Baltimore, MD
2:00 PM

Iron Age
Lion of Judah
No Tolerance
Police & Thieves
Rival Mob
Sacred Love
Mob Mentality
Stick Together
Bad American

Tickets are available by clicking here: Youngblood Records Showcase Tickets
Sean has been consistently releasing great records for over 10 years so check out their site while your at it.
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In honor of V.D.'s first reunion shows in 12 years, here are their two LPs for download. Enjoy. - Jake

Visual Discrimination - Step Back And Listen [1988 - Nemesis Records]

Visual Discrimination - In Vain [1990 - Nemesis Records]

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This is an article I've been meaning to write for a long time but just never got around to doing so. A pet peeve of mine is when a label re-presses a record but changes the layout. Sometimes, this is because the band and label didn't have the money or time to put into what they originally envisioned or because a label has bought the rights to the record and re-released it, often with remastered sound. Half of me is alright with this idea at times but the other half of me, the half that is the nostalgic collector wants to have the original. Like I said, sometimes this is fine with me because the original layout may have been...well just not very good. Below are a few examples of records that were originally released by their respected labels and then repressed by either the original or another with a different layout. For now, I've just scanned the covers but Ill try to get the rest of the layouts scanned as well. The original is on the left and the repress is on the right.

Shelter - Quest For Certainty (Original: Equal Vision, 1992. Repress: Revelation, 1998)
An early release for Equal Vision Records when they still concentrated on releasing only Krishna-core record, this records comes in a close second to Mantra as my favorite Shelter release. The original has a black and white cover with a nice sky blue firewheel while the repress has a new black and white photo but the fonts have been changed to red. This is a case where I'm alright with either release. Both have live photos on the cover and there isnt much of a difference other than the actual photo.

Culture - Born Of You (Original: Conquer The World, 1994. Repress: Goodlife, 1998)
A record that created an incredible amount of controversy over the past few years, controversy that I am not going to go into here (do a search on here for "Culture" and you'll see). The original release features a picture of the famed "Portrait Of Pope Innocent X" by Sir Francis Bacon. While this cover is very representative of the time, I feel that the repress gives the album more energy with the cover depicting Damien handing out the mic to the crowd. Culture was very much about crowd participation and this cover portrays that to the listener. I only wish that the band would have used the logo that Guav created for that them as opposed to the logo on the repress.

Doughnuts - Equalize Nature (Original and Repress: Desperate Fight, 1994 and 1996)
A much maligned band, Doughnuts were touted as the first all girl SXE band back in 1995. They released their first record with Desperate Fight out of Umea, Sweden and then signed with Victory Records in America. Equalize Nature, their first release, was originally released in a cardboard sleeve in 1994 and features the legendary "Naked SXE Kid" on the cover. To be honest, I'm not sure where they were going with this image on the cover but the re-release (also on Desperate Fight) shows a blurry live photo of the band. Perhaps Victory asked Desperate Fight to change the cover because they would have trouble getting the naked kid cover picked up in America. That's just my opinion, I have no idea if that's the reason. I have to say that the repress is an upgrade.

As Friends Rust - The Fists Of Time (Original: Goodlife, 1998. Repress: Doghouse, 2000)
Now here's one where I prefer the original. Goodlife chose to use paintings by vocalist Damien as the cover as well as the insert. If you read the lyrics to the songs on this release, I feel that the cover really does a great job of capturing the mood of the record. When Doghouse released this in America, they included a track from the split with Discount as well as their Circle Jerks cover from the God Hour EP. This time around though, the cover shows a package addressed to the band. Not bad but to me, the cover of the original release conveys the band's message much better.

Check back soon for Part 2.

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First Blood has been around in one form or another for about 8 years now and featured members of Sworn Vengeance, a band from Nor Cal in the late 90s (if you don't know, seriously check it out). They have a new record coming out next month and I received some info on the upcoming release.


First Blood ramps up for their highly-anticipated sophomore release entitled "Silence Is Betrayal" (November 9, 2010) on Bullet Tooth, the new headquarters of Josh Grabelle from the renown Trustkill Records. Featuring 15 songs of musical devastation and lyrical condemnation, First Blood relights the flame and burning spirit that originally brought the band together. "Silence Is Betrayal lays it all out on the table with a point of view that leaves little to misinterpretation" is how Carl Schwartz (Vocals) describes the strong lyrical focus of challenging the status quo, while remaining every bit as true-to-sound to the brutal musical aggression that many have come to expect of First Blood. "Silence Is Betrayal is every bit as heavy and abrasive as First Blood gets, complete with a war-torn soundtrack of armageddon breakdowns and relentless sing-along calls to action."

Breaking the silence to the rest of the world, First Blood will soon embark on the RETURNERS North American tour to support fellow Californians The Ghost Inside, who are also celebrating the release of their sophmore album, alongside Evergreen Terrace, A Loss For Words, Deez Nuts, and Hundredth as "Silence Is Betrayal" marks its long overdue official release.

The track listing for First Blood "SIlence Is Betrayal" (November 9, 2010) is:

01. Intro
02. Silence
03. Preamble
04. Enemy
05. Resist
06. Truth
07. Detach
08. Enslaved
09. Confront
10. Fear
11. Occupation [BONUS]
12. Fascism [BONUS]
13. Lies
14. Messenger [BONUS]
15. Survive [BONUS]
16. Armageddon II

Schwartz also added, "This album is a story of the last four years of my life along with the events, ideas, and people that helped shape it. I had to release this album, because my own silence would be betrayal to those before me who have spoken, sacrificed, and devoted so much to keep their messages of truth, justice, and resistance alive. My goal was to lay it all on the table with each song, and put aside my concern about whether or not those who listen will ridicule, disagree, or take offense. The message had to be clear, and emotions must be stirred, because such response is vital if people are to discuss and keep these issues at the forefront, and maybe even find the inspiration to take action to share them with others.

"We've spent the last four years touring with our debut record "Killafornia" in as many parts of the world that would be willing to receive our music. After such a long gap between our first album and release of the new, we are really excited to be able to continue touring new parts of the world with many great bands and sharing our message with hardcore generations old and new. I soon realized after writing 20 songs that the only way to say everything I intended would be to release a 'triple' album. Perhaps that is a sign of good things yet still to come for FIRST BLOOD.

"We are super psyched to release our newest album 'Silence Is Betrayal" on BULLET TOOTH and let the world know that FIRST BLOOD lives on."

All dates with: The Ghost Inside, A Loss For Words, Deez Nuts, and Hundredth:

10/14 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
10/15 Phoenix, AZ @ Martini Ranch
10/16 San Diego, CA @ Epicentre
10/17 Las Vegas, NV @ Area 702
10/21 Austin, TX @ Red Seven
10/22 Wichita Falls, TX @ The Hangar
10/23 Ft. Worth, TX @ Ridglea Theatre
10/24 Houston, TX @ Shadow Play Lounge
10/26 Charleston, SC @ The Oasis w/ Evergreen Terrace
10/27 Jacksonville, FL @ The Pit w/ Evergreen Terrace
10/28 Raleigh, NC @ The Brewery w/ Evergreen Terrace
10/29 Vineland, NJ @ Hangar 84 w/ Evergreen Terrace
10/30 Long Island, NY @ Crazy Donkey
10/31 Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance
11/1 Manchester, NY @ Rocko's
11/2 Syracuse, NY @ Lost Horizon
11/3 Cleveland, OH @ Peabodys
11/4 Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
11/5 West Dundee, IL @ Clearwater Theatre
11/6 Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
11/7 Des Moines, IA @ Mews
11/8 Kansas City, MO @ El Torreon
11/9 Denver, CO @ Marquis
11/10 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Salt Shaker
11/11 Boise, ID @ The Werehouse
11/12 Portland, OR @ Branx
11/13 Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro

For More Info:
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Three years after breaking up, Delaware post-hardcore outfit Boysetsfire (or Boy Sets Fire) has announced plans to reform. Details regarding the extent of said reformation haven't yet been disclosed, with the group only issuing the following:

"We were a band for over a decade. We decided that we wanted to try different things with our lives. So we stopped playing music together. It wasn't Noel/Liam Gallagher ugly; we parted as friends and we generally see or talk to each other all the time. I think we underestimated how much we would miss it. The communion, the intensity, the genuine outpouring of emotion- it just doesn't exist for us without BoySetsFire. So we are going to start playing together again. All we know now is that BoySetsFire is playing in Berlin on December 5,2010."

Prior to disbanding, the band had released four studio albums (in addition to a host of other releases) with Victory Records, Equal Vision Records, and Wind-Up Records.

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Faithful reader, Tony, had asked me on a few occasions to post this and it just kept slipping my mind (sorry Tony). I finally got around to upping this but when I was preparing it, the rip I had done some time ago was a 128 kbps and sounded pretty awful. I re-ripped it as a VBR which sounds much better. I don't really know much about Separation except for the fact that they contained members of Abhinanda. I did a little research and found this on their page. All information courtesy of

"Springtime 1996 was the rebirth of the Umeå punkrock trio Separation. Up until then the band had existed more as a project by the side of Abhinanda since they used to share two members, Jonas - drums and José - vocals. Well, luck (?) had it that Jonas quit Abhinanda to concentrate on Separation and José quit Separation to continue only with Abhinanda and the Desperate Fight label. The other members were and still are Lars (guitars and vocals), and Axel (bassguitar). During 1996 their first CD release, the MCD “5th Song”, came out and they did a tour with Gislaved’s End In Sight during august. Really tired of the old songs they started to work on new ones under the following months. In December they recorded a song for the “Straight Edge As Fuck compilation vol. 3” that gave the listeners a taste of what was going on. A split seven-inch/mcd with swedish band Serene was released on the Belgian label Genet records, and later on the band finished their first fullength release, during a hectic period of combined touring and recording. The self-titled fullength debut came out in june of 1997, and it received positive reviews in both europe and in the US.

Separation have toured parts of europe twice and done three smaller tours in Sweden. The last one should have been a combined Sweden/Europe tour with the US act Kill Holiday, but things had it that they had to cancel the european dates due to theft of instruments and merchandise. To prove that they were not to be defeated by such occurrences, the band started planning new musical odyssees as soon as they got home."

This was originally released in 1996 by Desperate Fight Records and then re-released by Desperate Fight as part of the "Four In One" compilation. Both are now out of print.

Separation - 5th Song