Monday, October 18, 2010

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After Chip posted Timebomb's first full-length which was requested, I figured I'd post Timebomb's first 7", called 'Fury'. It was released on SOA Records out of Italy in 1993, the same label that released the aforementioned 'Hymns...' album a couple of years later. It features 6 of the earliest Timebomb songs, from 1990 up to 1993, tho the insert says they were all (re-)recorded for this 7" in 1993. You can definitely tell Timebomb was still trying to find their own sound, trying to play heavy metallic hardcore but still rooted way more in hardcore than the metal they would player later on. The vocals were already pretty deep and rough, similar to, but not as powerful as, Jason from Unconquered, as Chip mentioned in his post. Anyways, it's definitely far from a great 7", it's actually pretty bad, but hey, someone requested Timebomb, so here you go!

Anyways, they were already pretty outspoken veggie/vegan sXe communists at the time, as can be read in the essay included with this 7", which was written by their singer at the time, Giorgio. And for those who are interested, here's an old interview my old buddy Panos 'Nahitfol' did with Timebomb some time in the late '90s in which bass-player Simone from Timebomb calls this 7" 'probably one of the worst records of all ages'. If that doesn't make you want to download this 7", I don't know what will...

Timebomb - Fury 7"