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Faithful reader, Tony, had asked me on a few occasions to post this and it just kept slipping my mind (sorry Tony). I finally got around to upping this but when I was preparing it, the rip I had done some time ago was a 128 kbps and sounded pretty awful. I re-ripped it as a VBR which sounds much better. I don't really know much about Separation except for the fact that they contained members of Abhinanda. I did a little research and found this on their page. All information courtesy of

"Springtime 1996 was the rebirth of the Umeå punkrock trio Separation. Up until then the band had existed more as a project by the side of Abhinanda since they used to share two members, Jonas - drums and José - vocals. Well, luck (?) had it that Jonas quit Abhinanda to concentrate on Separation and José quit Separation to continue only with Abhinanda and the Desperate Fight label. The other members were and still are Lars (guitars and vocals), and Axel (bassguitar). During 1996 their first CD release, the MCD “5th Song”, came out and they did a tour with Gislaved’s End In Sight during august. Really tired of the old songs they started to work on new ones under the following months. In December they recorded a song for the “Straight Edge As Fuck compilation vol. 3” that gave the listeners a taste of what was going on. A split seven-inch/mcd with swedish band Serene was released on the Belgian label Genet records, and later on the band finished their first fullength release, during a hectic period of combined touring and recording. The self-titled fullength debut came out in june of 1997, and it received positive reviews in both europe and in the US.

Separation have toured parts of europe twice and done three smaller tours in Sweden. The last one should have been a combined Sweden/Europe tour with the US act Kill Holiday, but things had it that they had to cancel the european dates due to theft of instruments and merchandise. To prove that they were not to be defeated by such occurrences, the band started planning new musical odyssees as soon as they got home."

This was originally released in 1996 by Desperate Fight Records and then re-released by Desperate Fight as part of the "Four In One" compilation. Both are now out of print.

Separation - 5th Song


Anonymous said...

I been looking everywhere for this record . So thanks a lot Chip. You made my day... TONY

Lasse VSE said...

On this recording i think Separation was:
José, vocals (abhinanda)
Jonas Lyxzén, drums (DS13)
Lars Strömberg, guitar (the international noise conspiracy)
Axel Stattin, bass (inti)

Later on José quit the band, and Lars both sang and played the guitar.