Sunday, October 17, 2010

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Been trying to fill some of these requests so here we are with Timebomb's "Hymns For A Decaying Empire" as requested by reader "Dexit". 9 songs from this Italian band who would go on to release another full length after this. While not the best in the genre, they definitely were a good band. I've been trying to place the vocal style but I just can't put my finger on it. Maybe it reminds me of Jason from Unconquered...I can't tell. At times its very heavy on the chugs but then it breaks into some death metal influenced hardcore. Definitely worth checking out. If anyone can find me a copy of this on CD for under $100 that I've seen it listed for, I'd appreciate it.

Timebomb - Hymns For A Decaying Empire


Andrea Refoundation said...

i've seen it sometimes for really cheap on ebay.

anyway the highlight of the record is the last track: it's a tv show prank: some members of the roman straightedge legion were being interviewed in a local tv show and some of their friends called saying funny and weird stuff

Anonymous said...

thanks for this chip..