Saturday, October 9, 2010

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This is an interesting questionnaire that was included on the back side of a Revelation Records mail order form from 1994. Some of the questions are pretty cheesy, and i wonder if the lure of a free sticker really enticed anybody?
Kinda bummed that I missed out on an embroidered Into Another beanie or a Statue longsleeve.


mcs said...

I don't see an expiry date here. You should fill it in & send it off.

Even better, start some kind of online movement. Get everyone to print one off, fill it out & send it in. Would be kind cool if Rev started receiving hundreds in the mail.

Kef said...

Great post. Do you have the newsletter with the results?

Emil said...

I order Revelation for Extreme Noise Records (Mpls) and just for fun I filled this out and e-mailed it to my rep and another guy I know there, they got a kick out of it. Not sure if they'd want to get hundreds of these suckers though...but I guess I'm getting my FREE sticker!