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I didn't hear about Surface until slightly after they had broken up. They were only around for about two years in Southern California, and I've never known if any of the members went onto other bands. Surface played great mid 90s hardcore with a large metal influence taking control of many of their riffs. What little information that I do know about the band, has come from the internet:

"During the mid-winter of 1994, in the affluent suburbs of Los Angeles, came the powerful tunes of Surface. Within just three months of birth these four kids caused an earthquake throughout the punk scene of Southern California. It was at this point that the band began to realize that they could progress from tiny house shows to being an influential part of hardcore. They also began to remove themselves from their basic hardcore sound to a more innovative, emotional hardcore style. This was also when they felt that they were ready to record their first seven-inch, which was failed to be released by Watermark Records. Despite the many frustrations caused by this botched record deal, the band piled in their van for a four week tour of the United States. Upon their return home they found themselves at a loss for musical inspiration, but continued to play a number of local shows during the remaining months of 1995. It was almost exactly one year from their beginnings that a fifth, and long-awaited, individual joined the band. They now had the boost of energy that they needed and were back on track. Shows came and went, and the scene gave them more enthusiasm than ever. It now seemed like the perfect opportunity to re-enter the recording studio, this time successfully recording seven songs for the "Seven Times Over Fold" LP, two for the "Posthumous" seven-inch, and a few extra tracks for various compilations. "Seven Times Over Fold" was released by ...and then there were none.records (now Satellite Transmissions) in April of 1996, while "Posthumous" hit the scene a few months later on Catchphraze Records. Surface has exceeded the expectations of its members and continues to dazzle listeners across the globe with their emotional lyrics, serious issues, and, most of all, excellent music."

I'm not sure who wrote that, but it definitely comes off like a label promotional blurb. This "discography" cd came out on Status Recordings (anyone else remember that zine/label?), and it combines the Seven Times Over Fold lp, the Posthumous 7", and one comp track. However, I've heard from various people that there are more recorded (unreleased) songs that aren't present on this cd.

Surface - Seven Time Over Fold
[1996 - Status Recordings]


XhcnoirX said...
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jav said...

you should have posted what i wrote you about them hahaha

Anonymous said...

"Within just three months of birth these four kids caused an earthquake throughout the punk scene of Southern California."

Suuuuuuuuure. The Born Against song title "Bit Part in a Bad Movie" seems appropriate.

Unknown said...

Like us or not, we had fun playing in this band. None of the members really went on to do anything. The singer Ryan Slater (me), however, went on to play guitar in several bands. Noteably BETRAY THE SPECIES who were a band from the SF area. Neurosis, but more metal, and more electronic. I now play in a band called THEY ARE ALL DEAD. Our EP is available for free download at or

Like it, don't like it, keep playing music.