Saturday, March 21, 2009

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Here we are with part 3 of our coverage on current bands playing 90s style hardcore. As stated before, I plan to continue doing these so if you have a band or know a band that should be mentioned here, shoot us an email at

Monument To Thieves - Southern California
I was extremely excited when this band was announced...members of Throwdown and Force of Change playing Disembodied influenced hardcore. Sign me up. Super heavy. They have a 7 inch coming out and a rumored split 7 inch with Disembodied as well in the works. As of right now, just local area shows have been announced but Im hoping for a full US tour. Check their Myspace for more info.
You can order tshirts from Monument To Thieves here: Monument To Thieves

Mourningside - Orange County, CAMourningside sent us an email asking us to check out their band and needless to say I was pretty blown away. Mean Season influenced hardcore that if you were to hear it and not be told they were a new band, you'd swear that New Age released them in 1994. They just recorded a demo which can be downloaded for free on their Myspace. Im expecting big things from this band in the future so be prepared.
You can download the Mourningside demo from their Myspace here: Mourningside Myspace

Meantime - Daytona Beach, Florida
Meantime is one of my favorite newer bands. Real intense hardcore that at times has a bit of an Integrity feel. Since they started they have toured as often as possible and just released a split with Atlanta's Foundation. I was told they are planning on touring this summer so if they come to your town make sure to go out and see them. Another band that is going to be big in my opinion.
You can order their split with Foundation here: Ghetto Josh Records
You can order their self titled 7 inch as well as tshirts here: Double Or Nothing Records

Crystal Lake - Tokyo, Japan

Crystal Lake plays heavy hardcore that at times reminds me of older Poison The Well (without the clean vocals) but at other times reminds me of Morning Again and Arkangel. For some reason they have gotten little exposure over here but hopefully that will change soon. They recently played the Taste of Chaos tour in Japan and are in the studio writing a new rccord.
You can order their full length as well their splits here: Crystal Lake

Withdrawl - Winipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Withdrawl reminds me so much of Buried Alive. To me, this is a good thing since BA is one of the best bands to ever walk the Earth. Withdrawl is currently on tour right now and getting ready to release a 7 inch called "Unknown Misery" this summer. Real fast and heavy.
Check out the Withdrawl Myspace for upcoming dates: Withdrawl on Myspace

Foundation - Atlanta, GA

Foundation has been playing out and touring regularly for a few years now and are definately one of the best bands out there right now. At times, Im reminded of Trial and Integrity but they are able to make the sound their own. They just released a split with Meantime as well as a release on Triple B Records.
You can order their split with Meantime here: Ghetto Josh Records
You can order their self titled 7 inch here: Triple B Records


Unknown said...

What would you say your favorite 90's hardcore band would be?

My top five would be(no particular order):

1. Clear
2. Towards an End
3. Sworn Vengeance
4. Unbroken
5. Fall Silent

I don't know if they all fit the 90's sound, but they all existed in the 90's.

xjustinx said...

That's what I feel the beauty of the 90s was. There was no particular sound that had to define you as hardcore. It was more about your passion than anything else.

Also, my list would be:
Morning Again

XhcnoirX said...

90s hardcore is where it's at. My top 5 changes every hour pretty much, too many bands that were awesome... Right now I'd say (in no particular order):
Mean Season

All the mentioned band rule, tho current Crystal Lake is not as good as their old stuff IMO, from Japan I prefer bands like xShiverx, God's Heritage, Genesis and such (Retribution/Bloodaxe 168 is the shit). Foundation also did a self-titled 7" on Eightfold Path btw (the one on Triple-B is called 'Never Stops Raining'). There were also 2 Foundation's in the 90s that were pretty decent (one EMS blogged about, and one that was on xWords Of Warx Records).

xCHIPxSEM said...

It looks like Never Stops Raining isnt avaliable right now. Sam BBB is selling the self titled 7 inch in his webstore, thats why I included that link.
Im going to Japan in May and meeting up with Hiro who runs Retribution Network so Im hoping to come home with loads of stuff.

Unknown said...

You know who should be on our list before they turned lame, 18 Visions. They were so good. And Adamantium. If you think about it, all of Southern California had the 90's hardcore scene by the balls. Would you say Blood Has Been Shed? Man, I can't wait until their new record hits the streets. Mean Season did rule. I remember seeine Trial at the Gilman with Catharsis. After Catharsis' set, they broke down their equipment and handed parts of the drums out to the crowd and created a small drum circle. Then Greg(singer for trial, is that his name?), came out and started juggling fire. All of this was going on while Trial was setting up. Then they started playing and it was off the hook. So much fun. The Lazarus Project came later, but they were good.

Michael Keim said...

Just found three new bands that are going to be on rotation.

ososxe said...

Maybe you'd like to check my band:
A lot of people say we have a lot omid-to-late '90s influences (wich is absolutely normal consider our ages..) and we remind them of Congress, Morning Again, Integrity...

Anonymous said...

Guys please check Helsinki Hardcore band Eye For All -who are in my mind pretty much 90's style all over.

kyle said...

anyone who hasnt heard the new MAINTAIN record "SAVE YOURSELF" is definitely missing out.