Saturday, March 21, 2009

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Justin actually scanned this awhile ago for me and I just realized I had it. This is an interview with Canon that was conducted sometime in 1994 or 95 for Still Standing zine. Justin scanned the pages as well as the cover. Also I included a flyer promoting the 7 inch as well as the elusive "urban legend" of the Canon MCD that was to include 2 bonus songs. This has been a topic of discussion many times on the Catalyst Records board and Ive pretty much convinced myself they do not exist (please someone correct me if Im wrong). Henrik from Those Who Fear Tomorrow blog posted pictures that someone sent him of a Canon shirt. Check that out here. Now without further ado, Still Standing zine interviewing PA's Canon.


rybunal said...

the 7inch was great...seems i heard that they did a demo befor ethe 7inch came out, but i cant be too sure. i remember seeing an add for their cd...i was stoked, then like so many other bands...they were gone. so sad.

xCHIPxSEM said...

Justin is working on tracking down that demo. Also the ad you mentioned, is that the one I posted above?

Anonymous said...

Canon! How can I forget these guys?!!

Met them the 2nd day of the infamous Pennsauken fest.

I remember when they sent me all the songs on tape. Played the hell out of it.

rudiger said...

i still have the tape joe gave me, there is one extra song..apparently chapter lost the master for the mcd, so it never materialized.