Thursday, January 27, 2011

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While this is just breaking into the 2000s (or the aughts as they like to call them), Bury Your Dead's demo featuring the original lineup as well as dual vocalists is still worth a listen. Sure the lyrics are a little bit silly at times ("No more crying to your Dashboard records, you sappy emo bitch") but the music is just crushing. This is still my favorite release from them. My old band was in Rhode Island staying at my friend Mark's house on a day off. We were working on new songs in his basement and when we took a break, Jesse and Joe went down and started writing this demo. They wrote and recorded 7 songs, 5 off which were on the demo. I've included all 7 songs for your listening pleasure. I re-ripped the original 5 song demo at a higher bitrate but the 2 additional songs are at 128 kbps which was sent to me many years ago when we thought that was a good bitrate. . Unfortunately, there really is nothing I could do for that so I apologize. The band did have 2 different covers for the demo. The one you see above as well as a tour edition with a van on the front. I dont know how rare any of them are but this is just the one that I have. The band still exists to this day in one shape or another with Mark and Slim being the only original members still and they sound somewhat different. Take a little and see why they were the talk of the early 2000s.

Bury Your Dead - Demo 2k2


shrout said...

mark hundley is the only reason to care about this demo. best dude! haha.

Unknown said...

Loved this demo. Got this at The Robot Mosh Fest in Milwaukee when Bury Your Dead first started out. Such a fun show and fun band.

mike said...

mark castillo is in a radio rock band called crossfade and will probably not be byding anymore.