Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Evan Jacobs' commentary on the film:

When I set out to make ORANGE COUNTY HARDCORE SCENESTER, my film that chronicles the Orange County, CA hardcore scene from 1990-1997, I knew that it would be a long road. I knew I would have to gather a lot of video, a lot of pictures, and I would need to go through as much of it as possible. The film that inspired the style of ORANGE COUNTY HARDCORE SCENESTER was the documentary on producer Robert Evans titled THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE.

I first saw that film on date with a girl in 2002. I thought it was good but since the girl and I were in the process of not seeing each other any more, my mind was obviously not 100% on the movie. A few years later, Dan O'Mahony was taking up residence in a hotel and he had the benefit of not working and access to many channels of cable TV. Dan watched THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE numerous times and one day simply stated, "It's a great film… but all it is is pictures and video."

As someone who loves movies that tell stories minimally, I went to Blockbuster and bought the film. I watched it numerous times and when it finally came time to make ORANGE COUNTY HARDCORE SCENESTER, (something that Dan actually suggested I do before he saw THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE) I used the story of Robert Evans as my guide. Well, to be honest, I also had the documentary WELCOME TO DEATH ROW in the back of my mind as well.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the first 7 minutes of ORANGE COUNTY HARDCORE SCENESTER. The film is done for now. I am in the process of setting up a bunch of screenings and submitting it to festivals. If you want it to play at a local record store or some place near you... please get in touch.


Evan Jacobs


Billy Rubin said...

Jake sucks.

joeyPig said...

i'm from pennsylvania and have an affinity for the east coast sound but kinda psyched to see this because there was some pretty awesome bands that came out of this time and place. good luck Evan i know this is a huge undertaking and should be a nice insight to the bands and music of the time and an interesting watch.
p.s. i bought shirts to help ;) and the updates on progress was definitely appreciated and can't wait to see this.

AJ said...

Does this mention 18V at any point?

Very uninteresting subject from my perspective, but I'll support this due to someone putting as much time into this as this guy obviously has.

Chad-Gordo said...

Hardcore is Hardcore...we had a show in our practice studio[Trojan Studios, Garden grove, CA] with Against the wall, and a couple other bands, and mine:G.R.E, The music was all different, that what's great about shows...Those were the days....