Monday, January 2, 2012

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We have interviewed about 50 people since beginning this book last April. We have about 100 more to go, on our ‘wish list.’ If you are not on this already-interviewed list (below) and wish to be, please get in touch. We need you! We’ve done interviews via phone, email, Skype and in person using audio & video. We’d like to wrap all interviews by Spring 2012 to publish by the end of this year. Here’s a list of the cast of characters so far:

Billy Anderson: former 9:30 Club bouncer
Nathan Anderson: perpetual hardcore kid
Gabe Banner: Safari promoter
Matt Burger: Worlds Collide singer
Rodney Butinelli: drummer: Parasite, Scooter Trash
David Byrd: singer: Set to Explode; drummer: Barfight & For the Living
Martin Castro: Safari Club promoter
Dan Cav: bassist: Resurrection, Absolution
Chuck Copeland: former DC scenester, Original Hardcore Kid
John (Galbraith) Cornerstone: Safari Club promoter
Pat Crean: Goons guitarist; singer: Musicband
Gini Crowder: support staff/Safari Club door-woman
Alex Daniels: Swiz drummer
Sean Dorsey: hardcore kid
Nam Dong: East Wind guitarist
Zac Eller: drummer: Worlds Collide, Bluetip
Lars Frederiksen: guitarist: Rancid, UK Subs; singer: Lars & the Bastards
Grant Garrettson: drummer: LDKids, HR band
Linas Garsys: artist
JR Glass: singer: Next Step Up & Bet the Devil
Andy Guida: drummer: Supertouch, Absolution
Steve Hart: guitarist: Day of Suffering
Chris Hartnett: band manager: Elegant Mess; indie label owner.
Dave Hooser: hardcore kid
Kenny Innouye: Marginal Man guitarist; former 9:30 Club booking agent
Colin Kelly: hardcore kid
Jason Kooken: hardcore fan
Tom Lyle: bassist: Government Issue
Alec MacKaye: Ignition vocalist
Jay Martin: doorman of Safari Club
Mike McTernan: Damnation A.D. singer
Michelle Mennona: photographer
Heidi Minx: Franky & Minx clothing designer; author Punk Rock Domestics
Toby Morse: H2O singer; former Sick of it All roadie
Ingrid Newkirk: PETA founder/director
Ken Olden: guitarist: Damnation A.D., Worlds Collide, Battery, Better than a Thousand, YOT
Anthony Olney: Barfight singer; drummer: Quill; former 9:30 Club doorman
Gabe Onrubia: hardcore kid
Jason Orr: singer: Press Your Luck; guitar: Benchmark
Jason Powell: guitarist & singer, Fury for Another
Sharie Powell: bassist, Fury for Another
Kurt Powers: Time Flies singer
Tru Prey: founder of Malfunction Records; show promoter
Dave Saulnier: hardcore kid
Walter Schreifels: guitarist: Gorilla Biscuits; singer: Quicksand & Rival Schools
Sammy Siegler: drummer: Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Judge
Arthur Smilios: bassist, Gorilla Biscuits, Token Entry; producer: Hot Water Music
Joe Songco: Outburst drummer
Steve Squint: Bad Brains roadie
“Fat Rich” Warwick: drummer: Shark Attack
Joe Wongananda: photographer
Bryan Wassom: owner, Sunspot Records
Kevin Young: bassist, Device

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