Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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After years of being out of press, Trials "Are These Our Lives?" LP is available again on vinyl and mp3 download. Unlike the CD version, the 12" includes full artwork and LYRICS.
This 12" will be a limited press of 500.
250 on Brown Vinyl
250 on Maroon Vinyl

I highly suggest that everyone goes to pick up their copy of this re-press. When Trial reunited for 3 shows in 2005, EVR had the gall to do another press of this on CD, but without lyrics and full artwork. Can you imagine that? A Trial record without lyrics?!? Unless you can find a used copy with the full layout, skip buying the cd that EVR tried to capitalize on, and buy this 12" or digital download from Timm over at Panic Records.


Nick Koets said...

Wow...I had no idea that EVR even did a repress of that CD. You're right, a Trial CD without lyrics is pointless. I'm lucky to have one with lyrics I guess.

Any idea as to whether Trial is playing in SoCal next year? I thought they might when I heard rumors of an Unbroken reunion, but it seems like that Unbroken show will only include Undertow, Swing Kids, Jenny Piccolo.

blend77 said...

ahhhh, FUCK! this record is so good! i never heard this record until a week ago. i wanted to hear something familiar but new, and ive heard about this album a lot since the Burning Fight show was mentioned.

so i found it and threw it on. i instantly flipped my desk over, threw my chair out the 8th floor window and did a huge stage dive onto my bosses desk, landing squarely on the pencil cup... and that was still only the violin intro!!!!

seriously though, awesome record. every single song gets me so pumped. i was infected and singing along after the third listen. great stuff, glad i finally caught on.

AJ said...

Never knew about EVR doing the half-assed repress ... lame.