Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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I got an email from both of my dudes in Loyal To The Grave, Koba and Hiro, letting me know that they had a new song posted. I was pretty excited because after years of playing bass for Loyal, Koba had moved to vocals. He had previously been the singer for Unboy and while I do enjoy the band, that style wasn't the same as Loyal. Needless to say, his voice is killer and I'm real excited to hear the new material. The song is only a demo version so the quality isn't incredible but it shows the progression of the band as well showcases Koba's vocals. Someone needs to get these guys over to the US already. Check out the new song "Weakness" by clicking here: Loyal To The Grave on Myspace.
While I'm on the subject of Loyal To The Grave, this coming weekend in Tokyo is Bloodaxe Festival 2010, the yearly festival that the guys put together. This year's headliners are Heaven Shall Burn, Another Victim and Thick As Blood. The fest is SOLD OUT so congratulations to my friends for putting this whole thing together and continuing to put Japanese hardcore on the map.
If you enjoy what you hear from Loyal To The Grave, check out the Stuck In The Past webstore and pick up a copy of their most recent full length.