Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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So Im doing what I swore I would never do: sell some of my shirts. I've recently lost one of my jobs and with a new house that my wife and I recently purchased, we need the money. This is the first batch (and hopefully only batch) of shirts that I'll be unloading. Here's how the chart works.

Band name - Description of the shirt - Color - Size - Shortsleeve, Longsleeve, Zipup, etc.

if you have questions, by all means please ask. I will give you the best description possible as well as provide photos for any of them. I have 100% positive feedback on Ebay and I have been trading for 10 years so you can purchase with confidence. Send all offers to

108 "One Path For Me Through Destiny, Reprint" Beige M SS
108 "Creation, Sustenance, Destruction" Black M SS
As Friends Rush "Back In Coffee Black, Reunion" Black L SS
Ashes "Network Sound" White XL SS
Aftershock "Letters" Olive Green XL SS
A18 "All My Heroes Are Dead" Black M SS
Black SS "315 SXE, Reaper Records" Black L SS
Clear "Deeper Than Blood" Navy XXL SS
Clear "US Summer Tour 98" White XL SS
Caliban “Erase The Enemy” Navy XL SS
Caliban “Japan/USA Tour 01” Black XL SS
Cycle "Roller Coaster" Tan XL SS
Die Hard "Looking Out For #1" Black XL SS
Double Or Nothing Records "Logo" Black M SS
The Dillinger Escape Plan "Calculating Infinity" Black M SS
Donnybrook "Skull and Hockey Sticks" Black M SS
The Dead Unknown "Bridge City Hardcore" Black M SS
Dragonforce "Ultra Beatdown" Black L SS
Eyelid "If It Kills" Navy XL SS
Falling Forward "Birds, Initial Records" Grey XL LS
Hank Jones "Atomic Bomb" Black M SS
Indecision "For Those I Love..." Black M SS
Indecision "One Last Time, Reunion" Black M SS
Length Of Time "Approach To The New World 1998" Black M SS
Living Hell "Goat/Lockin Out Logo" Black L SS
Loyal To The Grave "Logo" Camo L SS
Loyal To The Grave "Graffiti Logo" Black M SS
Metallica "Reload" Black M SS
Miles Away "B9 Preorder Shirt" Black M SS
Morrissey "Portrait" Black L SS
No Warning "Ill Blood" Black M SS
Purification "Quiggle Angel" Black L SS
xReflectx "Demo Design" Navy M SS
Sarin "I Think I Hate You" Hunter Green XL SS
Seventh Star "Cro-Mags Ripoff" Black M SS
Shark Attack "Swim At Your Own Risk" Black M SS
Shelter "In The Van Again Tour 2000" Navy XL SS
Spawn "Emblem Records" Teal XL SS
Split Lip "Revisited 2009, Reunion" Brown M SS
Still Here Clothing "Grenades" Black L SS
Still Here Clothing "Planes" Black M SS
Straight Edge "Battle Royale Mock" Black M SS
Straight Edge "Even In Death" Black M SS
Straight Edge "Seventh Dagger Baseball Tee" Grey/Black Sleeves M LS
Straight Edge "XXX Spider" Black M SS
Straight Edge "Tattoo Flash SXE" Black M SS
Straight Edge "666 XXX" Red XXL HS
Straight Edge "Kill Your Local Drug Dealer, Original" Black L SS
Straight Edge "XXX" Brown M SS
Straight Edge “Drug Free” Olive Green XXL SS
Straight Edge "Baseball Tee" Grey/Black Sleeves M LS
Straight Edge "Smoking Is For Losers" Black XXL SS
This Is Hell "Long Island" Grey M SS
To Die For "Metal Logo" Black L SS
Trial "You Can't Kill An Idea" Black M SS
Unconquered "You Say Moderation, I Scream Prohibition" Brown XL SS
Undying "Let It End With Us" Black XL SS
Unholy "New Life Behind Closed Eyes Preorder Design" Black L SS

Hoodies and Zipups
108 "Creation, Sustenance, Destruction" Black M Z
Bad Brains "Logo" Black XL HS
The Banner "Ribcage" Black M Z
Casey Jones "No Smoking" Navy M W
Clear "Lucky 13" Navy XL W
Figure Four "F IV" Black M Z
New Age Records "Watching You Fall..." White XL HS

Basketball Jersey
Vision "New Jersey" Teal Size 44 B


Lynn said...

i hate having to sell stuff :( good luck!

xGabex said...

send me a picture of that TDF Metal Logo shirt!


always been waiting for that moment.but sadly no path of resistance stuff ;-)

would buy that length of time shirt but m might be too smal for my fat ass.

Tom said...

tried to email you but gmail said it wasnt recognizable.... hit me up jerzshore732(AT)