Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Here's a band from Germany which released only 1 record I'm aware of, the awesome 'Beast To Bastard' 7", and then disappeared. Which is unfortunate becuz this 7" rules from start to finish. Carnage from the west of Germany played raw, dark & harsh metallic hardcore with strained vocals. Great stuff. This 7" was released on Rex Rotari Records, also out of Germany, in 1996. Because there's no gap between the songs on either side of the 7" I didn't split them up. Anyways, give this 7" a chance if you haven't already.

Carnage - Beast To Bastard 7"


David said...

Thanks. I've got it in the past. Just remember I never really find if I need to play it in 45rpm or 33rpm, hahaha