Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Denied Reality was a deathmetal/hardcore band from Leipzig, Germany in the late 90s. Here's their 'Leviathan' MCD from 1999. This MCD version was released by the band themselves and distributed thru Cartel Distribution (out of Finland), whereas the 10" vinyl version was released by Voice Of Life Records, a German label, also in 1999. The band was pretty good, combining death metal and hardcore, with harsh screams, definitely not for the faint at heart. The band would also release a split 7" with As I Bleed, again on Voice Of Life Records, and appear on a few compilations including the 'Leipzig Hardcore' compilation CD which was released on Minefield Records in 1998. Members of the band would move on to a band called TrĂ¼e Deined. I don't know if they released anything under that name or if they're still around, it would seem they played shows under that name till at least a few years ago. Either way, enjoy this MCD.

Denied Reality - Leviathan MCD


Patrick said...

as far as i remember , cartel was distribution also from the Leipzig area (originally with people from Lifeforce records)

XhcnoirX said...

You might very well be correct, I simply always assumed they were related to Cartel Records (which was based in Finland)... Oh well.