Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Amendment Records has acquired the rights to the Shield - Vampire Songs album, and they are giving it a proper vinyl treatment.
Obscure gem from the mid-nineties Umea HC scene. Yes, they came from the same scene as Refused, Final Exit, Abhinanda, and many more. Every band from this scene seemed to have their own sound which would keep many people interested on what was going on in Umea during that period of time.
Shield wasn't the exception. The acoustic parts and overall dark sound would be the band's own stamps.
Originally released on CD by Desperate Fight Records in 1995, this is one of the most interesting records I've ever heard from the old continent. Includes the song “Kaleidoscope” from the SXE As Fuck II Compilation, which is arguably their best song ever.
LP includes digital download.
Listen to the whole record for free at our bandcamp page:

Pressing info:
15 test pressings
150 180 gram black vinyl
350 red marble vinyl


You can pre-order this record now from Amendment's website.
We have t-shirts available as well, and different vinyl/t-shirt packages you can choose.

LP only
2 LPs
2 LPs + shirt
Shirt only

Everyone who orders the Shield LP from us, will be entered into a raffle to win a test pressing of this record.


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