Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Falling Action came out of Redding, CA in the late 90s, and played some great melodic hardcore.  As far as I know, all they ever recorded was a 4 song demo, which is a bummer, because some of the other songs they were playing live sounded even better than the demo tracks.
Their old Geocities site is still available for viewing here, and I suggest having your speakers on for some awesome midi songs to soothe you.

I got to see them twice here in Portland, but unfortunately couldn't make the drive down to Redding for the final show or the reunion show.  They were always cool guys to hang out with, and I've been fortunate enough to still keep in touch with most of them to this day.

Falling Action - 1998 Demo

There was also a second version with different cover art:

Although I'm not completely sure of what all the members are up to musically these days, here's a brief rundown of what some of them were doing right after the breakup of Falling Action.
Zachary and Daniel played in the metal/hardcore band After The Fall
Rusty moved to San Francisco and played guitar for Breaker Breaker
Azy and Jesse moved to Boston.  Azy played bass for a brief spell with In My Eyes before becoming a founding member of both American Nightmare and Panic with Jesse.


BruceX said...

thanks for the share,this band is great,to bad they didn't record more songs