Saturday, March 9, 2013

From the Dying Sky was a vegan straight edge metalcore band from Italy, active from 1999 to 2003. The band had only one proper release, an EP entitled "Truth's Last Horizon", which was released on Dark Sun Records in 2000. Five songs of crushing metalcore, not unlike Abnegation, Arkangel, and Caliban. FTDS also provided a track that didn't appear on the EP called "To Allow the Sun to Shine" for a Catalyst Records compilation called "The Path of Compassion," alongside bands like Maroon, Risen, and Another Victim in 2001. Barely two years after the release of the EP, a re-release came out on Burning Season Records due to the surprising interest. FTDS broke up shortly after in 2003.

Below is a link to download FTDS's only EP.

Track List:
1) Disciples of Terror
2) Black Dawn
3) From A Dead Sky
4) Towards the Burning Horizon
5) By the Grief of Disgrace


Anonymous said...

You should add that this band is pre-The Secret (Southern Lord)

YOGOT said...

it might be interesting that 4/5 of "from the dying sky" (marco (vocals), michael (guitar), daniele (guitar) and matteo (drums)) formed a new band called "the secret" with a new bass player immediately after the end of ftds. daniele and matteo left the band around 2005 (matteo was replaced by ex-ftds drummer christian musich, who had been their drummer until 2010), but they are still active - for instance they supported converge on their eu-tour last year. their bass player's band (hierophant) is signed to bridge nine.