Thursday, December 26, 2013

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Here's another gem from the DAT archive of releases that were scheduled to come out on Overkill Records.

Bowel featured the Melnicks, Tony Pines and Mean Steve.  I would say that it can be best described as the Melnick's tongue-in-cheek take on early 90's death metal/grindcore with some excellent mid-paced stomp parts thrown in as well.

After Overkill Records folded, Rotten Fecal Duct was released on Dark Empire Records as an 8 track cd that also had an unreleased record from The Guns tacked on at the end.  An interesting bit to note here is that this DAT tape contains 8 tracks, but only lists 6 in the handwritten notes.  Combine that with the 2 minutes of silence prior to tracks 7/8, and I'm lead to believe that McDonalds Massacre and Enema Abortion were originally intended to be hidden tracks on the Overkill release, as opposed to the regularly listed tracks they became on the Dark Empire version.

With all that said, here's Bowel - Rotten Fecal Duct remastered from the master DAT tape.

Bowel - Rotten Fecal Duct


Sancho Panza said...

"deep inside the uterus.....Chubby Fresh-like Jabba"

Best lyrics ever