Thursday, April 27, 2017

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North Carolina is slowly but surely becoming a powerhouse for up-and-coming hardcore with a strong sense of unity, excited new kids, and great bands. A handful of these releases do an awesome job paying homage to influences from the Early 90's that are sure to quickly become favorites for readers of this blog.

The newest North Carolina HC output is an incredible demo from Magnitude. Straight Edge hardcore in the vein of Strain and early Trial. It's awesome to see this style being played by a new band in 2017, as there aren't too many other bands trying to nail this sound. The songs are catchy and intelligent in a way that does a service for fans of this particular niche of hardcore while not being so specific to alienate those who aren't familiar or into the bands that Magnitude is influenced by.

You can stream the demo here

A handful of members of Magnitude also play in Search For Purpose, another awesome straight edge band from Charlotte, NC. Less moshy and more introspective than the aforementioned Magnitude demo, SFP's demo takes cues from Outspoken and Early strife, while their newest release, a two song promo tape, veers further into emotional and melodic territory with nods to bands like Drift Again. Either way, this band would sound right at home on the "Words To Live By, Words To Die For" comp, so if you're a fan of New Age Records early to mid 90's output, be sure to check this band out!

you can stream their new tape here