Monday, June 7, 2010

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This was posted recently on the Livewire Records message board and being the pretty big Remission fan that I am, I had to repost it here. This is an excellent soundboard recording of Remission live on 4/18/10 which includes two awesome songs not on either the Accept LP or their demo. According to the info included with the download, these two songs will be included on an upcoming 3 song 7" to be recorded at the end of June and released later this year. Additionally, 1124 Records will soon be releasing a Chain Of Strength tribute compilation double 7" which will include Remission's cover of "Hurts To Ask".


Chris said...

Thank you Jake.This band are seriously so good.I n eed to see them play live.

consu said...

remission fucking rocks!

Emil said...

This band totally came out of left field for me and blew me away!