Monday, November 11, 2013

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Erie, PA's Human Animal just released a video for Dark Days, which is a track off of their self-released EP from earlier this year.

Here's what the band had to say about it on their site:
Today is the day.  It’s time to drop our new video for “Dark Days”.  We had always wanted to shoot a video for this song as it was the first we ever wrote & also the title track from our debut EP that was released earlier this year.  We had a ton of fun filming it with Tyler from Press & Release Media and we think he did an amazing job with what we envisioned.  
The video features many of our favorite spots in our beloved city of Erie, PA.  The vacant lot where all of the band footage was shot is actually the former location of an old venue called Shooters.  Many of us saw some of our first live Erie hardcore shows there over 2 decades ago.  Now we can say we played there as well even if there’s no walls or floor!  We’ll definitely be working with Tyler again in the future for some new videos.