Monday, April 25, 2016

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There was a good amount of metallic hardcore being churned out of the Northwest in the late 90s, but Mourn The Sun were one of the few bands that were really bringing elements of serious metal into the hardcore scene. 

In late1998, their singer, Myron, left the band, and I believe moved to California. He was briefly replaced by Fenny Perez, who came out of San Jose, CA and the band Cathy Ames. Unfortunately, Mourn The Sun didn't last all that long. They called it a day after their bass player, Tyler Hook, passed away in, I believe, early1999.

In the download below is their 4 song demo tape from 1998, and a small collection of unreleased tracks. The first unreleased song was actually pre-demo and was intended to be part of a comp on Dead End Records. The other two unreleased tracks feature Fenny on vocals, and were recorded in late 1998 at the Art Institute in one take.

Mourn The Sun


Unknown said...

I am super happy that people remember MournTheSun,
Seattles first heavy band. I wish we did record more of
the songs we had and we did have a lot. None the less
Some how this band is remember for the songs we had.

Thank you
Myrin Mejia

I did leave Seattle until 2003, and if you all would like to
Hear two of my other bands check out -Owls Stretching Time
And SoWasRed

Everyone keep rocking out!