Monday, April 4, 2016

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All photos live by Carrie Whitney

For those that haven't heard yet, it's with a heavy heart that we have to pass on the news of the passing of Jody Taylor. You surely all know him from his time as vocalist for Vancouver, BC's STRAIN.

Last Thursday, Jody was killed in a work accident in British Columbia. He had worked as an arborist for the city for 16 years, and loved his job, but a large limb crushed him to death. An article detailing the event can be found here, and a follow up news story, including an interview with his work partner can be seen here.

For those that didn't have the fortune of knowing him personally, Jody was a great person and a true friend to all those that had the pleasure of knowing him. He had deep love and passion for punk/hardcore, records, photography and of course, his ten year old daughter. A GoFundMe account has been setup by a fellow STRAIN member to provide his daughter with a nest egg as she grows older. We implore everyone to check it out, donate if you can, and at the very least, spread the link around far and wide. -


vadermask said...

God bless his soul. And the peace of the Lord be with his family, especially his young daughter. I hate hearing about good people--our peers--from our hardcorepunk family, dying suddenly and without rhyme nor reason. JMJ protect his soul.