Saturday, August 29, 2009

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The zine is coming along really well and the finishing touches are being added to a lot of articles right now. This thing is going to be great and I can’t wait to have it back from the printer.

If anyone is still interested in ads then I can definitely include them but time is getting really tight. The magazine goes off to the printer the day after Labor Day so time is really tight. If you want to advertise then please get in touch with me right away at

Here’s some info on the magazine.
-3250 copies printed.
-In the range of 160 pages.
-Color covers with black and white interior pages.
-Comes with a double 7” compilation including new songs from Bane, Grade, Unrestrained (pdx) and Between Earth and Sky.
-Released in conjunction with the Undertow/Unbroken/Strain show in Seattle on October 3rd.

-Steve Fallis-


Alternate 1995 said...

This sounds pretty sick. Definitely picking one of these up.