Saturday, August 22, 2009

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Balance of the World existed in Seattle from 1993 to 1995, and originally appeared under the name Spearhead. Their sound encompassed that distinguishable 90s NWHC sound that was evident in counterparts like Undertow and Strain, but their sound also had leads and vocals that could be reminiscent of a band like Mean Season. They played many shows in once revered Seattle area venues like the Velvet Elvis and Ground Zero, and played those shows with the likes of Unbroken and many of the other 90s hardcore bands that have gone down in the annals of hardcore history. Members KC and SOTO went on to be in Everything Went Black, who were one of the heaviest bands to ever grace NWHC. The only recording that exists is a 5 song, self titled EP that was recorded in the fall of 1994.

Balance of the World - self titled

Balance of the World's singer, Isaac, recently created a myspace page for the band here:
He has remixed and uploaded some of the songs from the EP, and also uploaded some recorded songs from practice sessions. There's also a great section of scanned fliers.
I'm thoroughly excited to see them play on October 3rd in Seattle with Undertow, Unbroken, and Strain. It also helps that it's the day before my 30th birthday. Sounds like a great way to ring in 30 to me!


Anonymous said...

BALANCE OF THE MOTHERFUCKING WORLD!! I loved this band- they were years ahead of their time as far as being legit metal dudes playing what could be termed hardcore. KC and Soto were/are the nicest dudes ever and I am super stoked for their reunion show! I'm gonna try to fly out for it... said...

great band indeed, thanks to your blog i've made a new discovery! :D please email me when you reupload their ep with better bite rate like 192kbps or 320kbos, take care

Sotirios Rebelos said...

Hoping to be able to get some time to rip the vinyl in FLAC format processed through a tube pre amp. Will post a link as soon as I do. Thanks for the kind words! -SOTO