Sunday, August 23, 2009

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I got a request for this 7" quite a while ago, but I'm just now getting around to it for some reason. I've given this a few spins over the years, and it's pretty good. The music falls into what could be deemed slightly heavier hardcore given its timeframe of 1991. Since there isn't even contact info for the band on the insert, I really have known nothing about this band, so all of my information has actually come from Dennis, who requested it.
Relapse were a straight edge band from the Detroit, Michigan area. They put out one other 7" on Progression Records, and they were supposed to do a full length on Conversion, but that never happened. Apparently they had recorded these 4 tracks, but at some point had trouble tracking down their singer to do vocals, which could explain why some recording happened in October 1990, and the rest in February 1991. After the breakup of Relapse, Justin (guitar) and Matt (bass) went on to for the band Current.

Dennis also sent me this sweet flier:
Relapse - If This Is Right
[1991 - Conversion Records]


s.wade said...

i used to (and may still) own this seven inch. i used to laugh at the fact that on the back of this record sleeve matt weeks is wearing a detroit baseball cap and all early 90's hardcored out, and then two years later i saw current and he looked like a human scarecrow. it seriously seemed like his whole wardrobe was sewn together with jute twine or something.

Wonkavator said...

Damn dude, you got nothing better to do then make wisecracks from your high horse? I bet you fell off a long time ago, you sound like the type that's trying to compensate by patting yourself a little too hard on the back for being there and seeing it all.