Monday, May 28, 2012

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Ryker's was one of the biggest hardcore bands of Europe in the '90s, and were one of the main bands playing the so-called Eurocore style, together with bands such as Right Direction, Backfire and Brightside. Ryker's started in 1992, and were based in Kassel, Germany, one of the greyest, most depressing cities I've ever been to... Anyways, Ryker's got quickly picked up and signed by Lost & Found Records, who would release a bunch of records by Ryker's. The band would later on also release records on Raw Records (a German subsidiary of Warner/WEA) and Century Media. However, before all of that, Ryker's self-released their 'Kickback' 7" in 1993 on their own Strike Records (or Strikelike Records, quite hard to make out on the 7" labels), which I ripped here. These songs would later be re-recorded for their 'Payback Time' MCD on Lost & Found Records in 1994, with 3 additional songs. In 2000 the band folded, also because bass-player Chris wanted to focus more on his label, Kingfisher Records. They have done some reunion shows in past years and there was also talk of touring and all, but that never happened. I didn't keep up with the bands recordings after the first releases, which were great but I got a bit tired of the style after a while as almost every other band out here in the Netherlands played it at some point. But if you like what you hear, definitely check out the aforementioned 'Payback Time' MCD as well as the 'Brother Against Brother' CD, also released on Lost & Found in 1994, they're definitely great.

Ryker's - Kickback 7"


Anonymous said...

i've been looking for this 7'' for several years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks mate !!!!!! RYKER'S are one of the best bands ever came from Europe and they were even better live !!!!!!!