Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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I received an anonymous email recently that included 2 unreleased Drowningman songs. Not a lot of info was given in the email but here's what I did receive:

"These songs were recorded around 2002 and I don't really remember if it was going to be for a 7 inch with Rev or if it was going to be an EP. Two of the songs ended up on the Law Of Inertia release "Learn To Let It Go". That track 4 is one of those songs on it and Simon redid the vocals eventually, that one was called Where The Heart Is. This was recorded at the Outpost."

These are supposedly also recorded before their "Best Record Ever" recording that never came out. Not a lot of info to work with but still cool to have. If anyone knows anything else about these, hit us up.

Drowningman - 2 Unreleased Songs


Anonymous Email said...

Just curious, did the anonymous email come from one of those anonymous email sites like or from a fake email like gmail or something?