Sunday, May 13, 2012

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photo by Carrie Whitney

 Threadbare played Rich Hall's birthday show last night in NYC, and in honor of the occasion, here is their self titled CD.  This is the CD version of the 7" that came out on Watermark and it was released by FurFace Records who also released the Disembodied - Existence In Suicide CD.  If the two CDs were produced in a similar manner, there are probably only 500 copies floating around.
Unlike the 7', this CD has three tracks.  The first two tracks appeared on the 7" and are re-recorded versions of songs from the Threadbare demo tape.  The third track is an eleven minute version of Penicillin which was actually pulled from the demo recording for this CD.

Threadbare - self titled CD
[FurFace Records - 1995]

I really wish I could have seen Threadbare play last night, as they are one of my favorite bands and they deserve far more attention than they seem to get.  Also, here's to hoping someone will finally pick up the ball and release a proper, full discography.