Monday, November 8, 2010

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I loved zines. I loved hunting for them, buying them, and learning from them.
This page from Anxiety Closet issue 6, summer '96 is a perfect indication of why.
1. It breaks down the vegan-ness of photos, an alternative to them (with a pricetag that seems laughable today)
2. It has an ad for a zine, next to a drawing of an X-d up Calvin (very 90's)
3. A brief announcement about the fate of Kurbjaw that im sure was breaking news
4. An ad for Inside Front that includes a very early, if not the first, use of the phrase HOLY TERROR


actionxjackson said...

haha. yeah this is a tough issue with my girlfriend who is now vegan and is an avid photographer. it really is hard to beat the quality and characteristics of a film photograph. i will say though, i save a crapload of $ shooting digital and not having to develop film.

AWC said...

Has anyone got those old issues of INSIDE FRONT (like before no.8)?

Pretty PLEASE, somebody do a real act of culture and put them online!