Wednesday, November 24, 2010

As Chip wrote a few times on this blog (here and here for instance) Umeå, Sweden was the hometown of some awesome bands in the '90s. Desperate Fight, the label run by Jose Saxlund of Abhinanda, released a series of compilations called 'Straight Edge As Fuck' documenting the Umeå hardcore scene, 3 in total. The first 2, released in 1994 and 1995 respectively, would be released as a single compilation on Desperate Fight America (Victory Records), in 1996. I ripped, scanned and uploaded that version here. It provides a nice overview of the Umeå hardcore scene of the mid '90s. It includes bands such as the Doughnuts, Abhinanda, Purusam and ofcourse Refused. The last track on this CD, and the last track of the 1st compilation, is an early, slower, version of Refused's 'Everlasting', the title track of their EP. Tacked onto the end of that track is a short and unlisted Final Exit song called 'Mutilated Scumbag'. Final Exit being various members of Refused mixing up their instruments and just having fun playing fast old school hardcore. Anyways, enjoy!

Straight Edge As Fuck part I and II compilation


XlasseX said...

Beyond Hate, so awesome!

Dum dum di dum di dum, I Refuse!